AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory Course Information

Course Objectives

The AP Music Theory course is designed to develop a student’s ability to aurally and visually analyze the basic concepts and processes of music. This is achieved by incorporating lesson, assignments and creative projects that cultivate the aural, sight-singing, compositional and analytical skills of students.

Throughout the course (especially in the second semester), students will complete excerpts from sample exams found in the AP Music Theory Course Description Book. Students will complete the sample multiple choice questions, free-response and the sight-reading exercises. In the weeks leading up to the exam, students will complete College Board released exams from 1998 and 2003. Through lectures, analyses, and sample exams students will compile a comprehensive lexicon of theory terms and concepts that will be used as a final review for the AP Music Theory Exam.

Signature Program Certificate in Music Performance
Students who pursue an area of study in the Music Performance, by participating in 5 courses, at least one of which is an AP course, will be awarded an Advanced Arts certificate in Music Performance. See flow chart below for more information.