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Montgomery County Public Schools Athletics

MCPS believes participation in interscholastic athletics supports the overall mission of the school district to ensure that every student will have the academic, creative problem solving, and social-emotional skills to be successful in college and career.  The MCPS philosophy of interscholastic athletics is founded in our vision, mission, purpose, and R.A.I.S.E. core values, which were established in July 2017.     



We promote academic achievement, athletic excellence, positive sportsmanship, and upstanding citizenship by providing the greatest education-based interscholastic athletics program.


Every student will attain the mental, moral, physical, and social-emotional skills to excel in the classroom, community, and the realm of competition.


To provide an innovative education-based interscholastic athletics program that maximizes diverse participation through a commitment to equity and access.

Core Values (R.A.I.S.E.)

Respect & Sportsmanship

Academic Excellence

Integrity & Character

Spirited & Safe Competition

Equity & Access 

Athletics Safety Plan

Ensuring safe and spirited athletic and school events is a priority for MCPS Systemwide Athletics. Promoting R.A.I.S.E core values and implementing additional supports will be a focus going forward to keep athletic events safe for all participants. Decisions about additional strategies will be made using an equity lens and prioritize safety while encouraging the positive outcomes and engagement that athletic events bring to the school and community. 

The spring athletic season has officially begun, with tryouts and practices starting on March 1, 2023. An updated and enhanced version of the Athletics Safety Plan has been developed for the spring season, and will drive program operations as contests begin on March 21, 2023. The Spring Athletics Safety Plan is available here.

Playoff Tickets 

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NFHS Network

Parents/guardians, students, fans, and community members will have the ability to stream events live through the NFHS Network. Automated cameras have been installed in all main gymnasiums and stadiums. A monthly subscription fee of $10.99 is required to view live events. All MCPS events are free on the NFHS Network, 72 hours following each event.

Fall Registration

Parent/guardians can register their student-athletes for fall 2023 athletics using ParentVue beginning July 10, 2023, at 12:00 noon. Information regarding middle school athletics registration can be found here. Below are some helpful resources to assist parents/guardians with the on-line registration process prior to the first day of the high school fall season tryouts, August 9, 2023.

  • Athletic Registration Video - A quick video for parents/guardians on how to register their students in athletics.
  • ParentVue Guide - A "Quick Guide to ParentVue for Athletics" in English for parents/guardians when registering their students for athletics.
  • ParentVue Guide - A "Quick Guide to ParentVue for Athletics" in Spanish for parents/guardians when registering their students for athletics.
  • ParentVue Guide - A "How to Guide" for parents/guardians for Getting Started with ParentVUE.pdf
  • Care for Kids - A health care program that provides access to health care services for uninsured children in Montgomery County.
  • Clinics for Sports Physicals - an annual list released by MCPS Athletics, pricing is subject to change