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Mission Statement

The Quince Orchard High School Counseling Department provides academic, social emotional, and college and career guidance to a diverse student body with the purpose of building resilient, empathetic, compassionate, and productive members of society. In collaboration with faculty, families, and the community, the Counseling Department empowers students to achieve their academic potential, develop personal well-being, self-advocate, and pursue their goals with purpose and confidence.

Staff Members:

Counselor Student Breakdown
9th-11th 12th
Ms. Kochuba A - Cac A - Can
Ms. Jimenez Cad - Fan  Cao - Ez
Ms. Rossini Fao - Hic F - Hur
Mr. Carter Hid - Lin Hus - Mar
Mr. McMillen  Lip - Neh Mas - Pat
Ms. Gaston Nei - Ror Pau - Sc
Ms. Lyon Ros - T Sd - Wan
Ms. Eckhardt U - Z  
Mr. Rivera  ELL 1 & 2 Wao - Z
Ms. Fetzer-Munoz ELL Counselor ELL Counselor



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 Ms. Cross 

Office Phone #: 240-740-3620
Office Fax #: 301-840-4767

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