Summer Assignments

Assignments listed below were supplied by the specific teacher(s) or the Resource Teacher.  All links below contain directions and complete information, if you have any specific questions, please contact the individual teacher or the Resource Teacher and remember that teachers are also on break over the summer and it may take a few days for them to respond.


These assignments will be due the first day of school!
Contact: Ms. Eberhart-Bliss

Fine/Practical Arts


Social Studies

  • AP NSL Government - Ms. BruMrs. JonesMr. Schuman, or Ms. Yang - Students should complete the current events log throughout the summer.  It will be required that you find and analyze articles throughout the summer, three total articles - one about the upcoming elections, one about racial injustice and protests, and one of your choosing, do not wait too long to begin!  Print the document and bring it on the first day of class.  Questions should be directed to any of the teachers listed above.
  • AP US History - Mr. Fuller, Mr. Mack, and Ms. Tamburello.
  • AP World History - No Summer Assignment for 2020

World Languages

  • French 5 Assignment and AP French Assignment - Ms. Yu
    • Summer Reading - Any students going into French 5 or AP next year should complete this work over the summer to maintain their skills and learn more about the French-speaking world. Please make a copy of the document and type directly into your copy. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Yu.
  • AP Spanish Language - Ms. Bejarano and Ms. McEldowney 
  • AP Spanish Literature - Ms. McEldowney