Clubs and Organizations

Academic Team (formerly It's Academic)

Sponsor: Mr. Schuman
Officers: Captain - Davis Yewell, Co-captain - Vivian Cao
Meetings: Monday & Thursday at lunch in room 324
Description: The academic team competes in quiz-style competitions against other schools around the DC area, the most notable of which is the TV show “It’s Academic.” Sherwood vs. QO Quizmaster

Aerospace Engineering

Sponsor: Mr. Sontz 
Officers: Co-President - Buena Zajimi and Briana Segal, Vice President - Peter Krepkiy, Second Vice President - Daniel Song, Secretary - Snighda Penmetsa, Tresurers - Taylor Wonnacott and Carter Boswell, Project Leader - Hannah Kokinda
Meetings: Thursdays @ lunch in room 133
Remind: @qoaero
Description: This club coincides with the new curriculum for the Aerospace Engineering Class. Students will be able to find help, be creative and have fun in as serious yet friendly environment. Along with classwork, we engage in out own hands-on projects to familiarize and keep students in the world of engineering. we also have guest speakers come in and speak about careers in Aerospace Engineering.

Africa United Club

Sponsor: Ms. Albarracin
Officers: President - Nancy Ovangrowa, VP - Al-muriya Abdushakur, Treasurer - Carly Abbott, Secretary - Erynn Adou, Historian - Patience Zaranyiba
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Cafeteria
Description: The Africa United Club is interested in learning about and celebrating African Culture as well as community service projects in Montgomery County and in Africa. Some of the activities we have been involved in: Field trips to the African History Museum and IMAX film on Egypt, African Art History lecture at GWU, African History lecture at Montgomery College, clothing drive for flood victims in Mozambique, Christmas Toy-Drive for Head Start in Montgomery County, donation to Trees for the Future to help plant trees in Africa, annual participation and organization for International Night at QOHS, participation in the African American History Month Assemblies, African dinners at student homes. We will also be participating in Putting on the Hits.

Allegro Studio

Sponsor: Mrs. Kirchhoff
Officers: President - Kano Nakatsu
Meetings:  Tuesday @ lunch in room 153
Description: Allegro Studio aims to expose students to a wide genre of music and encourage students to practice through chamber groups.

American Sign Language Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Combs 
Officers: President: Linea Nave-Griesmann, VP: Nash Chisaka, Secretary: Noah Patrick
Meetings: Listen to announcements for dates and times, meetings in room 218
Description: The ASL Club discusses Deaf events in the Washington, DC area. Come learn some sign language basics. In addition, the club assists the ASL Honor Society with its yearly fundraiser of sending a deaf child to camp.

Anime/Manga club

Sponsor: Mr. Rockwood
Officers: TBD
Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 302B
Remind: @animeq
Description: Fans and artists unite! Join the Anime/Manga club after school and spend time hanging out with people who share your interests.

Best Buddies

Sponsor: Mr. Benas
Officers: President - Caitlin Crews,  Vice President - Lindsey Brick, Associate Member Director - Kathlyn Kavadias
Meetings: We have club luncheons on the last Wednesday of each month, and out-of-school activities at variable times. Listen to announcements and check our bulletin board next to the nurse's office for event locations.
Website: QOHS Best Buddies,,
Description: Best buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-on-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
How can I participate in Best Buddies? You can choose to become a Peer Buddy. A Peer Buddy is a student without an intellectual disability who is pairing up in a one-on-one friendship with a student who has a disability for a full school year. A Peer Buddy is expected to contact his/her Buddy at least once a week and hang out with him/her at least twice a month. You may decide to become an Associate Member instead. Associate Members are students that are not paired up in a one-on-one friendship, but still attend all chapter meetings and events.

Chess Club

Sponsor: Ms.Short
Meetings: Wednesdays @ lunch in room 344
Description: Learn to play chess and play with other students!

Class of 2021 - Seniors - Twitter & Instagram = QOHS2021

Sponsors: Mrs. Farrow and Mrs. Jones
President: Jimmy Duan
Vice President: Clare Lilystrom
Treasurer: Shrestsa Makar
Secretary: Amy Vinh
Historian: Phoebe Portnoy
Representative: Afia Berkoh-Kyeremeh, Alexandra Burke, Stacy Shin and Dante Thomas

Class of 2022 - Juniors - Twitter = @QOHS2022 & Instagram = @QOClassof2022

Sponsor: Mrs. Haase and Mrs. Jacobs
President: Alisha Ong
Vice President: Jocelyn Wong
Treasurer: Evie Greenberg
Secretary: Mathew Dirlam
Historian: Olesia Soukhoveev
Representative: Bella Neal, Selena Nguyen, and George Kavadias

Class of 2023 - Sophomores

Sponsor: TBA
Vice President:

Class of 2024 - Freshmen

Vice President: 

Comfort Cases

Sponsor: Ms. Cooley-Klein
Officers: President - Dean Arnold, Vice President - Jay Motiwala, Treasurer - Brian Dwyer 
Meeting Place: First Monday of each month @ lunch in room 241
Remind: @comfortcas

Description: Comfort Cases is an organization whose main goal is to provide kids in foster care with special “cases” filled with essentials, forms of entertainment and comfort. Kids in care are normally told to gather their things in a trash bag when moving from house to house. We find this demoralizing, and want to make sure kids in care are treated with respect. Our goal here in the Quince Orchard chapter is to provide cases for kids ages 12-19 years old. The organization was founded by QO parent Rob Scheer and took off nationwide. 

Comic and Cartoon Club

Sponsor: Mr. Denhard 
Officers: President - Adrian Issasi
Meetings: Meets from 2:30 to 3:30 in room 234 on Wednesdays.
Description: Comic and Cartoon Club reads, discusses, and draws. Play drawing challenges with other members or relax and read comic books. Share and get feedback on your work from fellow artists.

Community Collaboration

Sponsor: Mr. Sontz

Computer Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Adams
Officers: Co-Presidents - Alison Wang, Vice President - Jaskaran Gill, Historian - Noah Pinson, Secretary - Selena Nguyen
Meetings: Wednesday's at lunch in room 128
Description: Computer Club allows students interested in technology to broaden their knowledge. We will participate in various competitions and are currently working on a Wikipedia bot. We Do Computers!

Cougar Broadcasting Club

Sponsor: Mr. Rabberman 
Officers: President - Adam Gotkin 
Description: The Cougar Broadcasting Club broadcasts a live radio play-by-play of different sporting events at QO. 

Debate Team

Sponsor: Mrs. Jones
Meetings: Wednesday @ lunch in room 320
Description: The Quince Orchard High School Debate Team provides students an opportunity to engage in public forum style debates. Each student researches and prepares for four different topics per year and individually debates these topics with opponents from other Montgomery County schools. For more information talk to Ms. Jones or Devin Streight.

Educators Rising

Sponsor: Ms. Seid
Officers: Co-Presidents – Chiara Dettin and Shantee Garde, Co- Vice Presidents - Jennifer Ortega and Fatima Jaimes-Cruz, Fundraising Chair – Annabel Amanfo, SSL Coordinator  - Jennifer Bernedo 
 Meetings: Monthly at Lunch in Room 121
Remind: @fe99d64
Description:Educators Rising is a free national membership organization for aspiring teachers and their mentors. If you are leading or participating in a school-based program that helps young people explore teaching — in secondary or postsecondary — consider joining Educators Rising to connect with peers and experts around the country who are focusing on the same issues and challenges.

Engineering and Robotics Club

Sponsor: Mr. Sontz
Officers: President - Ryan Gniadek, Vice President - Willard Sullivan, Treasurer - Akram Hossain, Secretary - Daniyal Bharmal, Team 7518 Captain - Philip Johnson, Team 7519 Captain - Samantha Krakovsky, 3D Printer Manager - Maxwell Rosenthal
Meetings: Mondays and Wednesday after school; for more specific information visit 
Description: This group explores the fields of Engineering while allowing students interested in STEM to meet and work together to solve different problems and work on different projects. Our projects include FIRST Robotics, 3D Printing, and Drones. Stop by and be an engineer. You can do it.

Environmental Club

Sponsor: Ms. Haase 
Remind: @qohsec
Description: Environmental Club is focused on gaining awareness of environmental issues, encouraging environmentally healthy behaviors in our lives and community, and enjoying nature through outdoor excursions. For updates and information, please join our remind group. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Ms. Yu and Ms. Hall
Meetings: Mondays at lunch in room 220
Remind: @fcaqohs
Description: This is a place where students can meet and learn how to follow Jesus by living out our Christian faith wherever we are. Everyone is welcome. Come for food, fun, and fellowship!

Film Club

Sponsor: Mr. Arora
Meetings: Fridays @ lunch in room 124
Officers: President - Jake Wales Vice-President - Vivian Cao
Remind: @qofilmclub
Description: Watch movies & tv shows; talk about em!

Forensics Speech Team

Sponsor: Mr. Arora
Meetings: Meetings will be announced over the Remind
Remind: @qospeech
Description: Forensics is more than just talk. It is actually several forms of public speaking, including Prose or Poetry reading, Radio Broadcasting, Duo Interpretation, as well as Storytelling, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous and impromptu speaking, Dou Improvisation, and Dramatic Interpretation. These are presented in competition at high school invitationals as well as in the district, region, and across the state. While participating on the Forensics team you will develop your speaking and acting skills, gain self-confidence and poise, learn how to express your ideas clearly and convincingly, and understand the meaning of commitment-to yourself and to the team.

Foster Fur Change

Sponsor: Mrs. Herb 
Officers: Caroline Simmons
Meetings: Twice a month, dates TBA
Description: The Foster Fur Change aims to promote foster care & raise money for shelters  

Gaithersburg Student Union

Sponsors: Mrs. Aranda, Jake Hersom(City Sponser)
Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in room 116
Description: This group meets weekly to discuss different SSL opportunities in Gaithersburg as well as other activities that students can participate in.  Get more information about what is going on through the links below.

Game Development Club

Sponsor: Mr. Rockwood
Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in room 302B
Description: The Game Development and Design club is about making video games! Have you ever gotten so mad at a game, and said to yourself "I could do that better" well, now you can! Join the game dev and start making a game today!

Gamers' Club

Sponsor: Mr. Rockwood  
Officers: TBD
Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in room 302B
Remind: @f3bec4
Description: Gamers’ Club lets students find both players for their favorite games and new games to play; video, board, card, and role playing games are open to anyone who wants to drop in. Have fun, improve your game, and make school a more awesome place

HOSA - Future Health Professionals

Sponsor: Ms. Short
Meetings: First Monday of each month @ lunch in room 344
Description: To promote career opportunities in the health care industry.

Horticulture Club

Sponsor: Ms. Miller 
Officers: President - Kano Nakatsu, Vice President - Megan Flynn, Secretary - Jenny Chang, Treasurer - Isabel English, PR Manager - Jake Alalouf 
Meetings: Mondays at lunch in room 340 
Remind: @QOHShort
Twitter: @qohshorticultu1
Instagram: QO_Horticulture
Description: Horticulture is the art, science, and business of all things plants. Join us for our annual fall centerpiece and a spring plant sale!

Jewish Student Union

Sponsor: Mr. Schuman
: Co-presidents - Evan Rubman & Ayelet Baisburd, Vice President - Riley Smith
Meetings: TBA
Description: Promotes fellowship among Jewish students at QOHS, and explores a variety of aspects of Judaism, American Jewish culture, and service opportunities.

JUNTOS (Just Unite Now That's Our Solution)

Sponsor: Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Mohan
Officers: Captain - Jesly Torres, Co-Captain - Asa Morrison
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday after school (2:40 - 3:45) in Room 313 and Saturdays from 10:30am - 1pm  in the Dance Studio
Description: Its mission is to elevate and nurture students’ personal growth through dance and help them discover the power of their artistic expression. One goal is to build dance skills in order to able to compete in area dance competitions, Irene Holtzman, dance instructor of ClaveKazi Dance Company provides private instruction to JUNTOS members on Saturdays from 10:30am - 1:00pm at QOHS and students use after school practices to master the skills taught each Saturday. The MCPS Latin Dance Competition will be held on Monday, November 25, 2019 from 7- 9pm at The Strathmore Hall in Rockville, 5301 Tuckerman Lane North Maryland 20852. Tickets will be on sale in November 1st. In order to be a member of JUNTOS, students must meet eligibility requirements as required by the county GPA of a 2.5.

Key Club

Sponsor:  Mrs. Parker
Officers: President - Joseph Ripple
Meetings: TBA
Description: Key Club is an international organization dedicated to service, leadership, and community. The club plans and participates in many volunteer opportunities through fundraisers, drives, and direct service. Members have a chance to earn SSL hours easily throughout the year. See Facebook page for details.

Lend a Hand

SponsorMrs. Jones
Meetings: One or Two Fridays a month in room 320
Remind: @lahqohs
Instagram: @lahqohs
Description: We are a community focused club who participates in monthly projects ranging from providing food for families in need for Thanksgiving, to organizing food at Manna Warehouses, trash pickups and other volunteering opportunities that offer SSL.

Last Minute Crew (LMC)

Sponsor: Mrs. Gordy
Officers: President - Hazara Akter, Vice Presidents - Audrey Pham & Rachel Andries, Manager - Amy Ritter Secretary/Historian - Isabella Kascic-Ramos
Meetings: Wednesdays and Thursdays after school (2:30pm - 4:00pm) in room 300. Extended practices run until 5PM
Remind: @lmc20182
Description: We are a cover dance group that specializes in dances such as studio dances, kpop choreographies, etc. We participate in some school events such as the talent show and pep rallies as well as performing outside of school, in public. Anyone who enjoys and appreciates dance is welcome to join! And if you don’t want to dance don’t worry! We also have a crew that you can be a part of. If you have any questions, email us at:

Literary Magazine

Sponsor: Ms. Trettel 
Officers: President - Olivia D'Antona
Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in room 228I
Description: Students create and publish the Cat’s Tales literary magazine. Magazine staff participate in fundraising activities, advertise for submissions, edit and choose submissions to be published in the magazine, and create the magazine design and layout.

Marching Band

Sponsor: Mr. Fiero
Meeting Information: See the Marching Band website for details about practices and performances.
Description: The marching band is one of the largest spirit organizations at Quince Orchard. The Marching Cougars perform at all varsity football games and at several competitions throughout the region. Membership is open to all students grades 9-12. The colorguard is also a dance unit that performs with the marching band at all events. The marching band rehearses two days a week during the fall (football season).

Men's Choir

Sponsor: Ms. Kleiner-Vilgos
Meetings: Fridays @ lunch in room 145
Remind: @qotbchoir
Description: Extracurricular choir for Tenors, Baritones and Basses. We sing fun music and its a way to unwind!

Minority Scholars Program

SponsorMr. Favazzo 
Officers: Co-Presidents -   Sofia Valladares & Arianna Sforza
Classroom: sq0g6u
Remind: @QOMSP
Description: The Minority Scholars Program (MSP) is a student driven initiative aimed at reducing the opportunity gap for African American and Latino students. Based off the premise of positive peer pressure, MSP empowers our high school students to work consistently to increase the number of African American and Latino students who are college bound by (1) identifying student candidates for honor and AP courses, (2) providing MSP participants with support through peer-led mentoring, tutoring, workshops and events, and (3) providing leadership opportunities within the school and local community.

MSP at QO is open to all students interested in helping us meet our mission. MSP meets every other Tuesday at lunch in the media center in the room behind the circulation desk. If interested, join our Remind and Google Classroom.

Mock Trial Team

Sponsor: Ms. Jones
Officers: Council Members - Yardley Borton, Clive Liu, Philipe Castillo, and Brent Jamsa
Meetings: Wednesday and Thursday after school in Mrs. Jones' Room 320

Model UN

Sponsor: Ms. Lowenstein 
Officers: President - Lulia Fitiwi, Vice Presidents - Stephanie Park and Ayesha Shahzad, Treasurer - Jessica Baniak, Secretary - Leon Cao, Historian - Kamryn Dillon 
Meetings: Friday @ lunch in room 221
Remind: @qomodelul
Description: Learn about international affairs and gain a greater general knowledge of the world through Model UN! We offer members opportunities to attend conferences and discuss various political issues and simulate real UN committee sessions. 

Net Sports Club

SponsorMs. Rill
Officers: President - Akansha Dave, VIce President - Nicole Yanque, Secretary - George Henn, Treasurer - Jason King
Meetings: Tuesdays @ lunch in the gym
Remind: @qonet
Description: We meet every Tuesday and decide whether to play volleyball or badminton. On a typical day, we eat, socialize and play sports.

PEEAR (Tutoring Club)

Sponsor: Ms. Yeck
Officers: President - Khoa Hyunh, Vice President - Juile Kasayan, Secretary - Sam Villahermosa, Treasurer - Han Huynh
Description: PEEAR (Program for Educational Excellence and Academic Readiness) is a tutoring club with the purpose of enhancing education among students in our community. The members of PEEAR are consisted of high school students who attend Quince Orchard High School. Our club's objective is to provide tutoring for students who attend Ridgeview Middle School and Jones Lane Elementary School.

Physics Club

Sponsor: Mr. Boettcher
Officers: President - Martin Ivanchev, Vice President - Eddie Zhou, Secretary - Hannah Chang, Historian - Sahil Goel, Treasurer - Leon Cao
Remind: Text @qophysics to 81010
Description: The Physics Club is involved in physics discussions and projects.

Piano Club

Sponsor: Mr. Fiero
Officers: President - Katerina Grcic, Vice President - Chloe Smith, Secretary - Brenna Pagley
Meetings: Every other Tuesday @ lunch in room 124A (messages will be sent out across remind)
Remind: @qopiano
Description: Piano Club is open to all who are interested in the piano or for current players. We offer room 124A to play in and plan to organize fundraisers for the piano lab as well as do piano-related community work!

The Prowler (Newspaper)

Sponsor: Ms. Cooley-Klein
Editors-in-Chief: Zoe Bell, Jantzen Focht, Ashleigh Gordon, and Claire Sullivan
Meeting Place: Room 241
Twitter: @qohs_prowler
Archive: All previous issues of The Prowler can be found here.
Description: The Prowler publishes six issues a year and covers news, features, and sports in the Quince Orchard High School community. Students manage all aspects of newspaper production including reporting, editing, circulation, and business operations. In order to be involved in the newspaper, students must first take Newspaper Journalism, a year-long introductory course.
Send us a news tip or feedback at @qohs_prowler (Twitter) or

Psychology Club

Sponsor: Ms. Keune
Officers: TBD
Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room 326, other activities are typically on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Description: The purpose of the Psychology club is to provide current and previous Psychology and AP Psychology students an opportunity to explore topics and themes related to the study of psychology beyond the classroom through movie nights, field trips, service projects to Springfield Psychiatric Hospital, book club dinners, and guest speakers. Membership is closed to only students who have completed AP Psychology or are currently enrolled in AP Psychology.

QO Biology Club 

Sponsor: Mrs. Pankova
Officers: President - Rachel Wi, Vice President - Sai Thrasu, Treasurer - Arielle Segal, Secretary - Becca Owens
Meetings: Tuesdays @ lunch in room 323E. 
Remind: @qobiol
Description: Students meet to discuss current life science events and how we can do our part to solve these problems. We also provide resources to all biology students, especially for those in AP Biology. Students can come in to our test review sessions at lunch or pick up our review notes, and can also send lab reports and projects for us to revise. 

QO Theatre

Director: Mrs. Vogel and Producer: Mrs. Lee
Officers:President: Ela Green, VP of Activities: Fiona Bradford, VP Publicity: Hayden Polsky, VP Technology: Jack Campbell, Secretary: Felix Angelastro, Treasurer: Davis Kessler, Historian: Electing Fall 2021
Description: QO Theatre is an organization comprised of those interested in the theatrical arts. It functions as the producing body for at least 2 shows a year, with members not only performing in cast or pit orchestra, but also involved in such aspects as constructing and painting sets, making costumes, props, lights and sound, hair and makeup, and serving as the front house crew during performances, as well as many other areas of production. QO Theatre welcomes all new members to come and share their talents and knowledge. Website for more info and how to sign up: 

Follow on Twitter and Instagram @QOHSTheatre

Save the Bees

Sponsor: Mrs. Garro
Meetings: Once a month in room 223


Sponsor: Ms. Tehran

President: Lauren Kong
Vice President: Faith Jones
Treasurer: Noah Pinson
Secretary: Almuriya Abdushakur
Historian: Alejandra Montalban

Meetings: TBD by calander events
Description: The Student Government Association is dedicated to voicing the concerns of the student body, and therefore resolve matters that affect the student body most.

Student Tutors and Athletic Resources (S.T.A.R.)


President- JJ Wilson, Vice Presidents - Alex Schrier (Football) and Samantha Fogle (Girls Lacrosse and Swimming)

 Meetings: TBD

 Description: S.T.A.R. provides Quince Orchard student athletes a tutoring resource from other Quince Orchard Athletes. The vision is to create an environment in which student athletes who are struggling academically, and are often uncomfortable in seeking assistance from the existing tutoring resources receive the help they need. S.T.A.R. provides these individuals the opportunity to be tutored by their teammates or other members of the Q.O. athletic community. Additionally, S.T.A.R. also matches student athletes who need help in training and improving their athletic skills in their respective sports with their teammates who have greater ability and knowledge in these areas. S.T.A.R. promotes giving back to teammates in areas that need improvement academically as well as athletically.

Tea Club

Sponsor:  Ms. Justilien   


Sponsor: Ms. Farrow
Officers: Emily Chee- President, Olivia Llew- VP, Vanessa Galeana- Treasuer, Jasmine Echeona-Secretary
Remind: @qounicef18
Meetings: Mondays at Lunch 331
Description: UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs, and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Women in Engineering

Sponsor: Mrs. Adams
Officers:  Co-Presidents - Enaya Jain & Amelia Nist, VP - Natalie Hashemi, Secretary - Melanie Abad
Meetings: Every other Wednesday @ lunch in room 128 (subject to change, check the remind)
Remind: @wieatqo
Description: This group welcomes all girls interested in learning more about Engineering and sharing what they know. Members work together to discuss issues in Engineering and help each other with course work for the PLTW courses at QO.   


Sponsor: Ms. Eberhart-Bliss 
Editor-in-chief: Brooke Bedell 
Business Manager: Zach Kramer
Photo Editor: Evan Young 
Public Relations Officer: Alex Soler
Sports Editor: Anna Beville
Coverage Editor: Alexa Linchuck 
Copy Editor: Zene Howard
Design Editor: Sara Mercer
Description: The award-winning yearbook is produced by the yearbook class taught by Ms. Eberhart-Bliss and is published every year.

Young Democrats

Sponsor: Mr. Schuman
Officers: President - Sam Mercer
Remind: @youngdems4
Description: The Young Democrats Club is dedicated to political activism in the DC area, promoting a progressive view of local and national politics, including volunteering for local campaigns and attending issues-based rallies and events