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Magruder Instrumental Music

2016-17 Calendar





September 26                       MCPS Jr. and Sr. Jazz Auditions

Sept.-Nov.                             Marching performances: see marching schedule

October 19                           Fall “Sampler” Concert (tent: CO, SO, and CB)        

November 10                        MCPS Jr. Honors Orchestra and Band Auditions

November 12                        All-State Jr. Orchestra and Band Auditions

November 15                        MCPS Sr. Honors Orchestra and Band Auditions

November 19                        All-State Sr. Orchestra and Band Auditions

December 14                       Winter Concert CO, SO, SB, CB)

February 4                             MCPS Honors Gala Concert

February 9                            Cluster Concert (SB, SO)

February 10-12                     All-State Sr. Band, Sr. Orch, Jr.Band

February 9-11                       All State Sr. Jazz

February 24-25                     MCPS Solo-Ensemble Festival

March 3-5                              All-State Jr. Orch.

March 3,4,10,11                   Spring Musical

March 7 or 9                         MCPS Orchestra Festival (SO)

March 14 or16                     MCPS Band Festival (SB)

April 26                                  MCPS Second Bands Festival (CB) tentative

May 12                                   IMD Banquet-Norbeck CC

May 13                                   State String Solo-Ensemble Festival                                                                                             

May 18                                   Spring Concert (CO, SO, CB, SB)

May 20                                   State Wind and Perc. Solo-Ensemble Festival

May/June                              Graduation (SB and select CB)


Bold print dates indicate performances by MHS Ensembles: SB (Symphonic Band), CB (Concert Band),

SO (Symphonic Orchestra), CO (Concert Orchestra). Other dates will involve select members.


Winter and Spring Concerts begin at 7:00 pm. Cluster Concert begins at 7:00 pm.