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AP Exam Schedule and Test Day Information

2022 AP Exam Schedule 

What You Need to Know for Test Day

AP Attendance Policy and Permission Form

MHS 2022 AP Exam Attendance Policy & Online Permission Form

AP Exam Score Information

2022 AP Exam scores will be available through your College Board account in July 2022.  Visit https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/view-scores for more information.

Resources for Current AP Students and Parents

The CollegeBoard’s AP Website has great resources including course descriptions, exam practice tips and resources, and information about how to obtain your scores after taking the exam.  Be sure to create an account to receive all resources and access exam scores. 

Exam Information

Why take the exam?

Taking the exam is the first step to earning college credit for AP courses. Students may also be eligible to earn scholarships based those scores, and all students can gain valuable experience that prepares them for the academic environment in college.  Students with qualifying scores can check with the college or university they plan to attend to see if they can earn credit for their AP course.

AP Exam Score Information   

2021-2022 Registration and Payment Information

If your student is enrolled in an AP Course, please review that linked information regarding paying for the 2022 AP exams.  The deadline for payment is October 29, 2021.  Contact Mrs. Snyder, AP Coordinator, at Virginia_B_Snyder@mcpsmd.org with any questions.

Resources for Prospective AP Students and Parents

What are Advanced Placement (AP) Courses? 

Advanced Placement courses are college-level classes meant to provide a rigorous learning experience for high school students and allow them to obtain the skills they need to be successful at the college level.

In addition, students taking AP Courses in high school can potentially earn college credit, saving time and money.  Having AP courses on a high school transcript can be an advantage in the college admissions process.

Magruder High School’s AP Offerings

Magruder high school is proud to offer 23 AP courses for the 2020-2021 school year.  In addition, Magruder High School has a partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) to ensure that all students, but especially students in underrepresented populations, have access to AP courses and the chance to excel. 

Magruder AP Course Offerings 2021-2022

Equal Opportunity Schools

Interested in Taking AP Courses?

It’s never too early to plan out the courses you want to take during your four years in high school.  You can start by visiting the College Board website (link below) to get a sense of what to expect from an AP course.  Make an appointment with your school counselor to talk about the options available to you.


Magruder High School Counseling Department  

College Board – Getting Started in AP resources  

For more information on the AP program at Magruder, please contact Virginia Snyder, Academic, PEAC & AP Coordinator