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 Mr. John Chase, Resource Teacher

Phone: 240-740-6852

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Mathematical greetings from your WJ math teachers.

Have a GREAT 2022-2023 School year, everyone!

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MCPS Math Vision Statement

All students in MCPS believe they are mathematical thinkers, who see themselves as resourceful and valuable contributors to the mathematical learning process. Students independently and collaboratively engage with mathematical content through the Standards for Mathematical Practice, engaging in rich discourse, and persevering in solving problems and tasks. Every student will be prepared for, interested in, and successful in higher-level mathematics. Their learning will transfer to other content areas and beyond to navigate the world as confident critical thinkers.


Math courses and graduation requirements

Four credits in mathematics, including 1 credit in Algebra and 1 credit in Geometry, are required for graduation. MSDE further specifies that students must earn credits in mathematics courses, including one with instruction in Algebra aligned with the MHSA for Algebra or one or more credits in subsequent mathematics courses for which Algebra I is a prerequisite; and one with instruction in Geometry aligned with the content standards for High School Geometry. Students must enroll in a mathematics-based course for each year they attend high school, up to a maximum of four years of attendance, unless in the fifth or sixth year a mathematics course is needed to meet a graduation requirement. This is required by MSDE, as well as by many colleges and universities to which MCPS students may want to apply. Students are advised to consult with their academic advisors/counselors to ensure they meet all mathematics graduation requirements, and to examine carefully any additional admission requirements that may be in effect at a prospective postsecondary school of interest.


Math Course Offerings at WJ

Other Math Opportunities at WJ


Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments are located on the website here.


WJ Math Resources

For tips on how parents can support their math students at home and math-specific academic supports at Walter Johnson refer to these documents:


MHS Help Room (TBD)

This information has not yet been updated for 2022-2023. The math help room, 232, is run by the Math Honor Society and is staffed by a certified teacher and a number of highly qualified students who are enrolled in higher-level math courses. The math help room is open at lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (every day except Wednesday).


Other Math Resources

Or consult the following helpful resources on the web:

  • MCPS Math Links – Helpful resources from MCPS
  • The Math Dude – on TV on MCPS ITV channel 34 or on the internet.
  • Khan Academy – Comprehensive, free videos on every high school subject, especially math. Don’t just watch the videos, do the exercises! 
  • Purple Math – Excellent free math lessons 
  • Calculator Help – A comprehensive guide to using your calculator
  • Kuta Worksheets – Free math practice worksheets 


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