WJ Academic Support Center

Rachel Wills

Resource Teacher

Mary Gahl

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 240-740-6840 | Fax: 301-571-6985

The Walter Johnson Academic Support Center (ASC) provides assistance to students with special needs. The Academic Support Center includes programs for Aspergers, GT/LD, Learning and Academic Disabilities, Learning for Independence and Resource.

The Academic Support Center is in Suite 159. Enter WJ through the Main Entrance and sign-in at the Main Office. Exit the Main Office, turn right and follow the hallway. Turn left when you reach the hallway intersection and the entrance to the Academic Support Center will be at the end of the hall on the left. All visitors to WJ MUST sign-in at the Main Office before proceeding to other parts of the building.

ASC Programs

Aspergers | GT/LD | Learning & Academic Disabilities |
Learning for Independence | Resource

The staff listed on this page work throughout the Academic Support Center. For information and staff specific to each program, click the "Program" links above. For an alphabetical list of all ASC staff visit the WJ Academic Staff Page

Occupational Therapist

Karla Forest


Kim McGonigle

Speech Pathologists

Kate Brownstein
Amy Walker-Casey

Transition Support Teachers

Vicki Goss
Emilia O'Connor

Vision Teacher

Susan Adams

ASC Paraeducators

The Academic Support Center's paraeducators play a vital role in support of the Center's teachers. Some paraeducators are permanently assigned to specific teachers or programs while others are used in multiple capacities. The paraeducators currently working at WJ are:

Jason Alexander Josephine Bacas Xenia Barrabeitg-Liens
Elizabeth Byrd Richard Carter Cody Chatham
Amy Chen Arvind Chopra Susan Deford
Antonia Dentes Jean Doman Mike Flanigan
Mona Friedman Janet Froom Shana Godfrey
Elizabeth Griffiths Katja Lucks Sarai Martell
Mike Nasser Naomi O'Boyle Phyllis O'Neill
Chase Rieder David “AJ” Rudd Deb Sarno
Iris Saucedo Iris Saucedo Ellen Seong
Rositsa Shtereva Joanna Smith Maegan Spiegler
Diana Sullivan Sharon Tzioni Amy West
Rosie Wilson