WJ Attendance Office


The Attendance secretary is located in the main office.

In order for an absence to be excused, it must be properly reported within 3 school days of a student's return to school. Click the links below to print a note for attendance and to review other attendance information.

PLEASE NOTE: Email or call only if you have specific questions regarding attendance. To report an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal use the forms below. 

Notes for Attendance...

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WJ Attendance Procedures


  • Except when ill or excused, all students are required to attend their scheduled classes and other required activities throughout the school day.
  • Attendance is taken in each period. An automated calling system notifies parents if a student is unexcused from any period of the day.
  • All absences are considered unexcused until a student presents a note, signed by his or her parent, to the attendance office. The student is responsible for carrying out this procedure. Whenever possible, use the applicable WJ Attendance Note available by clicking the links at left. If not using one of the WJ Attendance Notes, hand written notes must include:
    • Student's full name, id number and grade.
    • Dates and reason for absence (tardiness, absence or early departure).
    • Parent's signature and daytime phone number.
  • Full-Day Absences. Notes must be presented to the attendance office within three school days of return for an absence to be recorded as excused. Notes from students absent more than four school days must be accompanied by a doctor's note.
    All notes received more than three days after the student's return will result in the days of school missed considered unexcused for attendance purposes.
  • Unexcused absences include family trips, missing the school bus, car trouble, uncertified illness, truancy, illegal employment, or indifference.
  • Anticipated Absences for medical reasons, approved trips, and College Visits. Students are required to submit the Notification of College Visit form or Notification of Anticipated Absence form five days in advance. The appropriate form is to be presented to the attendance office after the student has notified and obtained signatures from teachers and the class administrator. Family trips are not excused absences.
  • Early Departure (including doctor appointments). Students with early dismissal notes must present them for verification to the attendance office before first period and will be issued an early dismissal pass. A student who has an early dismissal must sign out in the attendance office and then must sign back in if s/he returns to school during the same day. Students who leave school without permission and without signing out will be marked as unexcused for classes missed.
  • Late Arrival. Students who arrive after 8:05 a.m. are to report to the attendance office to sign in and receive an admit slip. Students who are scheduled to arrive after period one each day must sign in each day.
  • Tardiness is defined as not being in the classroom when the bell rings. Students more than twenty minutes late are regarded as absent. After one tardy, and for each one following, teachers can assign detention.
  • Late Bus Students who arrive on a late SCHOOL BUS are to report to the attendance office for a late bus pass. Students who are late when taking a Ride-On or Metro bus will be marked tardy.
  • Early Departure because of illness If a student becomes ill at school and needs to go home, he or she should report to the school nurse, who will contact the parent for transportation arrangements and will notify the attendance office. Students who leave school because of illness without reporting to the nurse will be considered unexcused.
  • Abbreviated Schedule A list is maintained in the attendance office of students who attend Edison Tech, have internships or teacher assistant programs, or otherwise require early release. These students must sign in/out at the Attendance Office and complete all appropriate release forms and meet with appropriate administrators for permission.

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