National Board Certified Teachers

National Board Certification was created so that educators, like professionals in other fields, can achieve distinction by demonstrating that they meet high standards. To achieve certification, candidates must complete a series of rigorous assessments that include teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes and analyses of their classroom teaching and student learning. Candidates also complete a series of written exercises on their subject-matter knowledge and their understanding of how to teach those subjects to their students.

To learn more about this professional credential, visit the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website at 

Name Department Title Email Address
Cavallini, Maria Grazia Foreign Language Teacher maria_g_cavallini 
Cawood, Margaret Math Teacher margaret_e_cawood
Chase, John Math Resource Teacher john_chase
Delello, Fred Social Studies Teacher frederick_p_delello 
Diehl, Nathan  Science  Teacher nathan_r_diehl
Foerster Luu, Anne Marie ESOL Teacher annemarie_foersterluu
Gelfand, Naomi Media Center Media Specialist naomi_r_gelfand 
Hall, Erin Math Teacher erin_k_hall
Healey, Ty Social Studies Resource Teacher theisen_h_healey 
Kelley, Elizabeth Social Studies Teacher elizabeth_c_kelley
McAndrew, Amanda Foreign Language Teacher amanda_v_mcandrew 
Rodman, Timothy Social Studies Teacher timothy_j_rodman 
Schwartz, Nathan Social Studies Teacher nathan_schwartz 
Simmons, Kathy Social Studies Teacher katherine_a_simmons