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This is the list of academic staff by department. If you are looking for non-academic staff or an alphabetical list of everyone at WJ click "Staff Directories" on the left side of this page.

A note about contacting WJ personnel: Email is an important tool at WJ and is often more effective for contacting specific individuals than a telephone call. Teachers and many staff members are 10-month employees and do not work during the summer. It is possible that e-mail sent or a phone message left after the last day of school will not be read by the recipient until personnel report back to work in August.

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Academic Support Center

Tel. 240-740-6840
Name Position
Wills, Ms. Rachel Academic Support Center Coordinator
Gahl, Ms. Mary Academic Support Center Admin. Asst.
Alexander, Mr. Jason Paraeducator
Avant, Mr. Cliff Aspergers Teacher
Bacas, Ms. Josephine Paraeducator
Barrabeitg-Liens, Ms. Xenia Paraeducator
Bernier, Ms. Kayla LAD Teacher
Beverungen, Ms. Sarah Resource Room
Bieber, Ms. Sarah Resource Room
Byrd, Ms. Elizabeth Paraeducator
Carter, Mr. Richard Paraeducator
Chatham, Mr. Charles "Cody" Paraeducator
Chen, Ms. Amy Paraeducator
Chopra, Mr. Arvind Paraeducator
Cochran, Mr. Christopher Academic Support Center-GT/LD Teacher
DeFord, Ms. Susan Paraeducator
Doman, Ms. Jean Paraeducator
Donlon, Ms. Christopher LAD Resource Teacher
Faulkner, Ms. Kimberlyn Learning and Academic Disabilities-Resource Teacher
Flanigan, Mr. Mike Paraeducator
Fleisher, Ms. Emily Learning and Academic Disabilities-Math Teacher
Forest, Ms. Karla Occupational Therapist
Friedman, Ms. Mona Paraeducator
Goss, Ms. Vicki Transition Support Teacher
Griffiths, Ms. Elizabeth Paraeducator
Husain, Ms. Romella LAD Teacher
Joseph, Ms. Allycia Learning for Independence
Lucks, Ms. Katja Paraeducator
Martell, Ms. Sarai Paraeducator
Matteson, Ms. Suzanne LAD Teacher
McGonigle, Ms. Kim Walter Johnson Psychologist
Nasser, Mr. Mike Paraeducator
O'Boyle, Bernadette Paraeducator
O'Connor, Ms. Emilia Learning for Independence-Teacher
O'Neill, Ms. Phyllis Paraeducator
Onley, Ms. Karen Aspergers Program-Teacher
O'Reilly, Linda Learning for Independence-Teacher
Pandya, Ms. Mahek Learning and Academic Disabilities-Math Teacher
Perikles, Ms. Kimberly Learning for Independence-Teacher
Proctor, Mr. Clay Learning for Independence-Teacher
Reiter, Ms. Leah Learning and Academic Disabilities-English Teacher
Sarno, Ms. Deb Paraeducator
Saucedo, Ms. Iris Paraeducator
Shtereva, Ms. Rositsa Paraeducator
Solomon, Ms. Kelley Teacher
Spiegler, Ms. Maegan Paraeducator
Sullivan, Ms. Diana Paraeducator
Thompson, Ms. Jessica Academic Support Center-GT/LD Teacher
Tzioni, Ms. Sharon Paraeducator
Walker-Casey, Ms. Amy Academic Support Center-Speech Pathologist
West, Ms. Amy Paraeducator
Wilson, Ms. Rosie Paraeducator
Yi, Mr. Robert Learning and Academic Disabilities-Resource Teacher

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Art, Tech & Computers (ATC)

Tel. 240-740-6851
Name Position
Ellis, Ms. Stephanie Art, Tech & Computers (ATC), Resource Teacher
Daney, Mr. Kevin ATC Tech Teacher
Duke, Ms. Cheryl Computer Science Teacher
Engelhardt, Mr. Paul ATC Art Teacher
Hanlon, Mr. Jim ATC Computer/Tech Teacher
Hrin, Ms. Kristy ATC Art Teacher
Yearbook Sponsor
Kempner, Mr. Dan ATC Art Teacher
King, Ms. Caroline ATC Art Teacher
Lavelle, Mr. Geroge ATC Tech Teacher
Martin, Mr. Tom ATC Tech Teacher
Menchukov, Mr. Fedor ATC Tech Teacher
Venesky, Ms. Kim ATC Art Teacher
Villman, Ms. Korrin ATC Tech Teacher

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Tel. 240-740-6900
Name Position
Vachon, Ms. Amy English, Resource Teacher
Azani, Ms. Taraneh English
Borrelli, Ms. Wendy English
The Pitch Sponsor
Burnet, Ms. Frances English
Chatfield, Ms. Alexia English Teacher
Cullen, Ms. Anne English
Fullenkamp, Mr. Joshua English
Gayman, Ms. Sarah English
Graham, Mr. Adam English
Griffiths, Mr. Bill English
Hartung, Ms. Susan English
Herdman, Ms. Ashley English
Lewis, Mr. Edward "Ted" English
MacFadden, Ms. Melanie English
Marek, Ms. Katherine Eng Comp Asst
Masonson, Ms. Grace Eng Comp Asst
Matthews, Mr. Ian English
McAdory, Ms. Colleen English
McGinty, Ms. Aishling English
O'Connor, Ms. Heather English
Peterson, Ms. Jenelle English
Pugh, Ms. Jeanne English
Ryan, Ms. Janelle English
Sandbloom, Ms. Celia English
Van Curan, Ms. Elaina English
Waldman, Mr. Marc English

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Tel. 240-740-6900
Name Position
Won, Mr. Andrew ESOL, Resource Teacher
Foerster Luu, Ms. Anne Marie ESOL
Fogel-Bublick, Mr. Larry ESOL
Kaufman, Ms. Theresa ESOL
Ketterer, Ms. Nancy ESOL-Paraeducator
Sandbloom, Ms. Celia ESOL

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Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Tel. 240-740-6900
Name Position
Pokress, Ms. Connie FACS Teacher
Yoo, Ms. Hyun Child Development

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Tel. 240-740-6852
Name Position
Chase, Mr. John Math, Resource Teacher
Besch, Ms. Erin Math
Brager, Ms. Laura Math
Bullock, Ms. Terri Math
Cawood, Ms. Maggie Math
Choi, Mr. James Math
Cooper, Ms. Trish Math
Doyle, Ms. Paige Math
Ducklow, Ms. Sarah Math
Egan, Mr. Mike Math
Fairall, Mr. Brian Math
Fraser, Mr. Justin Math
Green, Mr. Robert Math
Hall, Ms. Erin Math
LaFratta, Ms. Mary Math
Laukaitis, Mr. Mike Math
Parrish, Mr. Kevin Math
Schulz, Ms. Jaleh Math
Talavera, Ms. Olga "Lidia" Math
Thoms, Ms. Michele Math
Zussman, Ms. Rachel Math

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Media Center

Tel. 240-740-6845

Media Center, Media Specialist

Name Position
Gelfand, Ms. Naomi Media Specialist
Kelly, Ms. Elouise Media Assistant
Mays, Ms. Alisa Media Assistant

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Tel. 240-740-6900
Name Position
Kosmaceski, Mr. Christopher Music, Resource Teacher
Butler, Ms. Kelly Music
Morris, Ms. Andrea Music
Wang, Ms. Hannah Music

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Physical Education (PE)

Tel. 240-740-6900
Name Position
Cornell, Ms. Janice PE, Resource Teacher
Beswick , Mr. Chad PE/Health
Fratkin, Ms. Candis PE
Goldstein, Ms. Lorraine PE/Health
Kellner, Mr. Greg PE/Health
Pickett, Ms. Susan PE
Whalen, Mr. James "Michael" PE
Worden, Mr. "Butch" PE

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Tel. 240-740-6853
Name Position
Bergeris, Ms. Susan Science, Resource Teacher
Bauer, Mr. Michael Science
Chau, Ms. Khanh Science
Deonarain, Ms. Stephanie Science
Diehl, Mr. Nathan Science
Eastman, Mr. Brock Science
Grimes, Mr. Jamie Science
ACES Coordinator
Jacobson, Ms. Connie Science-Teacher
Kellerman, Ms. Nichole Science
Krents, Ms. Prachin Science
Lee, Mr. Jin Science
Leung, Ms. Aileen Science
McDermott, Dr. Joan Science
Morris, Mr. Bill Science
Ravick, Dr. Terri Science
Richards, Mr. Mike Science
Richards, Ms. Patricia Science
Rogers, Mr. Tom Science
Safford, Mr. Stuart Science
Salatto, Mr. Anthony Science
Tseng, Ms. Michelle Science
Vary Schwandes Ms. Amy Science
Zeitlin, Mr. Adam Science

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Social Studies

Tel. 240-740-6848
Name Position
Healey, Mr. "Ty" Social Studies, Resource Teacher
Acquard, Ms. Geri Social Studies
Atencio, Mr. Nico Social Studies
Butler, Mr. Jeremy Social Studies
Carlin, Ms. Mollie Social Studies
Delello, Mr. Fred Social Studies
Hoefling, Ms. Allison Social Studies
Hurd Jr., Mr. Larry Social Studies
Joy, Mr. Mitch Social Studies
Kelley, Ms. Elizabeth Social Studies
Kozlowsky, Mr. Andrew Social Studies
McCarn, Ms. Nicole Social Studies
Meier, Mr. Tobias Social Studies
Merrill, Mr. Christopher Social Studies
Monk, Ms. Lili Social Studies
Muehl, Ms. Beth Social Studies
Ramos, Mr. Oscar Social Studies
Reif, Ms. Kim Social Studies
Rodman, Mr. Tim Social Studies
Schwartz, Mr. Nathan Social Studies
Schwed, Ms. Melanie Social Studies
Simmons, Ms. Kathy Social Studies
APEX Coordinator
Taylor, Ms. Jennifer Social Studies
Uhler, Mr. David Social Studies

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World Languages

Tel. 240-740-6850
Name Position
Spak, Ms. Lori World Languages, Resource Teacher
Cavallini, Ms. Maria World Languages
LEAD! Coordinator
Churchwell, Mr. Mark World Languages
Freitas, Ms. Carolina World Languages
Generose, Ms. Karen World Languages
Kinani, Ms. Farah World Languages
Liang, Dr. Lucia World Languages
Martinez, Mr. Ryan World Languages
McAndrew, Ms. Amanda World Languages
Mena, Ms. Ghania "Sonia" World Languages
O'Connor, Ms. Emilia World Languages
Roca Sanchez, Ms. Maria World Languages
Sasse, Mr. Eric World Languages
Selva, Ms. Gabriela World Languages
Shu, Ms. Songtao World Languages

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