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This is the list of academic staff by department. If you are looking for non-academic staff or an alphabetical list of everyone at WJ click "Staff Directories" on the left side of this page.

A note about contacting WJ personnel: Email is an important tool at WJ and is often more effective for contacting specific individuals than a telephone call. Teachers and many staff members are 10-month employees and do not work during the summer. It is possible that e-mail sent or a phone message left after the last day of school will not be read by the recipient until personnel report back to work in August.

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Academic Support Center

Name Department Phone #
Wills, Ms. Rachel Academic Support Center Coordinator 301-803-7140
Gahl, Ms. Mary Academic Support Center Admin. Asst. 301-803-7140
Alexander, Mr. Jason Paraeducator 301-803-7154
Avant, Mr. Cliff Aspergers Teacher 301-803-7154
Bacas, Ms. Josephine Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Barrabeitg-Liens, Ms. Xenia Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Bernier, Ms. Kayla LAD Teacher 301-803-7140
Beverungen, Ms. Sarah Resource Room 301-803-7140
Bieber, Ms. Sarah Resource Room 301-803-7140
Byrd, Ms. Elizabeth Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Carter, Mr. Richard Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Chatham, Mr. Charles " Cody" Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Chen, Ms. Amy Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Chopra, Mr. Arvind Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Cochran, Mr. Christopher Academic Support Center-GT/LD Teacher 301-803-7140
DeFord, Ms. Susan Paraeducator 301-803-7154
Doman, Ms. Jean Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Donlon, Ms. Christopher LAD Resource Teacher 301-803-7140
Faulkner, Ms. Kimberlyn Learning and Academic Disabilities-Resource Teacher 301-803-7140
Flanigan, Mr. Mike Paraeducator 301-803-7154
Fleisher, Ms. Emily Learning and Academic Disabilities-Math Teacher 301-803-7140
Forest, Ms. Karla Occupational Therapist 301-803-7140
Friedman, Ms. Mona Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Froom, Ms. Janet Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Goss, Ms. Vicki Transition Support Teacher 301-803-7140
Griffiths, Ms. Elizabeth Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Hearn, Ms. Amanda Walter Johnson Psychologist 301-803-7146
Husain, Ms. Romella LAD Teacher 301-803-7140
Joseph, Ms. Allycia Learning for Independence 301-803-7140
Lucks, Ms. Katja Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Martell, Ms. Sarai Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Matteson, Ms. Suzanne LAD Teacher 301-803-7140
Nasser, Mr. Mike Paraeducator 301-803-7140
O'Boyle, Bernadette Paraeducator 301-803-7140
O'Connor, Ms. Emilia Learning for Independence-Teacher 301-803-7154
O'Neill, Ms. Phyllis Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Onley, Ms. Karen Aspergers Program-Teacher 301-803-7153
O'Reilly, Linda Learning for Independence-Teacher 301-803-7154
Pandya, Ms. Mahek Learning and Academic Disabilities-Math Teacher 301-803-7153
Perikles, Ms. Kimberly Learning for Independence-Teacher 301-803-7153
Proctor, Mr. Clay Learning for Independence-Teacher 301-803-7153
Reiter, Ms. Leah Learning and Academic Disabilities-English Teacher 301-803-7140
Sarno, Ms. Deb Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Saucedo, Ms. Iris Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Shtereva, Ms. Rositsa Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Solomon, Ms. Kelley Teacher 301-803-7140
Spiegler, Ms. Maegan Paraeducator 301-803-7154
Sullivan, Ms. Diana Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Thompson, Ms. Jessica Academic Support Center-GT/LD Teacher 301-803-7140
Tzioni, Ms. Sharon Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Walker-Casey, Ms. Amy Academic Support Center-Speech Pathologist 301-803-7147
West, Ms. Amy Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Wilson, Ms. Rosie Paraeducator 301-803-7140
Yi, Mr. Robert Learning and Academic Disabilities-Resource Teacher 301-803-7140

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Art, Tech & Computers (ATC)

Name Department Phone #
Ellis, Ms. Stephanie Art, Tech & Computers (ATC), Resource Teacher 301-803-7165
Daney, Mr. Kevin ATC Tech Teacher 301-803-7291
Duke, Ms. Cheryl Computer Science Teacher 301-803-7291
Engelhardt, Mr. Paul ATC Art Teacher 301-803-7165
Hanlon, Mr. Jim ATC Computer/Tech Teacher 301-803-7291
Hrin, Ms. Kristy ATC Art Teacher
Yearbook Sponsor
Kempner, Mr. Dan ATC Art Teacher 301-803-7165
King, Ms. Caroline ATC Art Teacher 301-803-7165
Lavelle, Mr. Geroge ATC Tech Teacher 301-803-7291
Martin, Mr. Tom ATC Tech Teacher 301-803-7291
Menchukov, Mr. Fedor ATC Tech Teacher 301-803-7291
Venesky, Ms. Kim ATC Art Teacher 301-803-7165
Villman, Ms. Korrin ATC Tech Teacher 301-803-7165

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Name Department Phone #
Vachon, Ms. Amy English, Resource Teacher 301-803-7184
Azani, Ms. Taraneh English 301-803-7184
Borrelli, Ms. Wendy English
The Pitch Sponsor
Bos, Mr. Jonathan English 301-803-7184
Burnet, Ms. Frances English 301-803-7184
Chatfield, Ms. Alexia English Teacher 301-803-7184
Conlon, Ms. Nancy Eng Comp Asst 301-803-7184
Fullenkamp, Mr. Joshua English 301-803-7184
Graham, Mr. Adam English 301-803-7184
Griffiths, Mr. Bill English 301-803-7184
Hartung, Ms. Susan English 301-803-7184
Herdman, Ms. Ashley English 301-803-7184
Lewis, Mr. Edward "Ted" English 301-803-7184
MacFadden, Ms. Melanie English 301-803-7184
Marek, Ms. Katherine Eng Comp Asst 301-803-7184
Masonson, Ms. Grace Eng Comp Asst 301-803-7184
Matthews, Mr. Ian English 301-803-7184
McAdory, Ms. Colleen English 301-803-7184
McGinty, Ms. Aishling English 301-803-7184
O'Connor, Ms. Heather English 301-803-7184
Patel, Ms. Jennifer English 301-803-7184
Peterson, Ms. Jenelle English 301-803-7184
Pugh, Ms. Jeanne English 301-803-7184
Ryan, Ms. Janelle English 301-803-7184
Van Curan, Ms. Elaina English 301-803-7184

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Name Department Phone #
Won, Mr. Andrew ESOL, Resource Teacher 301-803-7202
Foerster Luu, Ms. Anne Marie ESOL 301-803-7202
Fogel-Bublick, Mr. Larry ESOL 301-803-7202
Kaufman, Ms. Theresa ESOL 301-803-7202
Ketterer, Ms. Nancy ESOL-Paraeducator 301-803-7202

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Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Name Department Phone #
Pokress, Ms. Connie FACS 301-803-7207
Yoo, Ms. Hyun Child Development 301-803-7207

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Name Department Phone #
Chase, Mr. John Math, Resource Teacher 301-803-7231
Besch, Ms. Erin Math 301-803-7231
Brager, Ms. Laura Math 301-803-7231
Bullock, Ms. Terri Math 301-803-7231
Cawood, Ms. Maggie Math 301-803-7231
Choi, Mr. James Math 301-803-7231
Cooper, Ms. Trish Math 301-803-7231
Doyle, Ms. Paige Math 301-803-7231
Ducklow, Ms. Sarah Math 301-803-7231
Egan, Mr. Mike Math 301-803-7231
Fairall, Mr. Brian Math 301-803-7231
Fraser, Mr. Justin Math 301-803-7231
Green, Mr. Robert Math 301-803-7231
Hall, Ms. Erin MathTeacher 301-803-7231
LaFratta, Ms. Mary Math 301-803-7231
Parrish, Mr. Kevin Math 301-803-7231
Schulz, Ms. Jaleh Math 301-803-7231
Talavera, Ms. Olga "Lidia" Math 301-803-7231
Thoms, Ms. Michele Math 301-803-7231
Zussman, Ms. Rachel Math 301-803-7231

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Media Center

Name Department Phone #
Gelfand, Ms. Naomi Media Center, Media Specialist 301-803-7227

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Name Department Phone #
Kosmaceski, Mr. Christopher Music, Resource Teacher 301-803-7247
Butler, Ms. Kelly Music 301-803-7247
Morris, Ms. Andrea Music 301-803-7247
Wang, Ms. Hannah Music 301-803-7247

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Physical Education (PE)

Name Department Phone #
Cornell, Ms. Janice PE, Resource Teacher 301-803-7253
Beswick , Mr. Chad PE/Health 301-803-7252
Fratkin, Ms. Candis PE 301-803-7253
Goldstein, Ms. Lorraine PE/Health 301-803-7253
Kellner, Mr. Greg PE/Health 301-803-7252
Pickett, Ms. Susan PE 301-803-7253
Whalen, Mr. James "Michael" PE 301-803-7252
Worden, Mr. "Butch" PE 301-803-7252

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Name Department Phone #
Bergeris, Ms. Susan Science, Resource Teacher 301-803-7257
Bauer, Mr. Michael Science 301-803-7257
Chau, Ms. Khanh Science 301-803-7257
Deonarain, Ms. Stephanie Science 301-803-7257
Eastman, Mr. Brock Science 301-803-7257
Grimes, Mr. Jamie Science
ACES Coordinator
Jacobson, Ms. Connie Science-Teacher 301-803-7257
Kellerman, Ms. Nichole Science 301-803-7257
Lee, Mr. Jin Science 301-803-7257
Leung, Ms. Aileen Science 301-803-7257
McDermott, Dr. Joan Science 301-803-7257
Morris, Mr. Bill Science 301-803-7257
Ravick, Dr.. Terri Science 301-803-7257
Richards, Mr. Mike Science 301-803-7257
Richards, Ms. Patricia Science 301-803-7257
Rogers, Mr. Tom Science 301-803-7257
Safford, Mr. Stuart Science 301-803-7257
Salatto, Mr. Anthony Science 301-803-7257
Tseng, Ms. Michelle Science 301-803-7257
Zeitlin, Mr. Adam Science 301-803-7257

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Social Studies

Name Department Phone #
Healey, Mr. "Ty" Social Studies, Resource Teacher 301-803-7274
Acquard, Ms. Geri Social Studies 301-803-7274
Atencio, Mr. Nico Social Studies 301-803-7274
Butler, Mr. Jeremy Social Studies 301-803-7274
Carlin, Ms. Mollie Social Studies 301-803-7274
Delello, Mr. Fred Social Studies 301-803-7304
Hoefling, Ms. Allison Social Studies 301-803-7274
Hurd Jr., Mr. Larry 301-803-7274
Joy, Mr. Mitch Social Studies 301-803-7274
Kelley, Ms. Elizabeth Social Studies 301-803-7274
McCarn, Ms. Nicole Social Studies 301-803-7274
Meier, Mr. Tobias Social Studies 301-803-7274
Merrill, Mr. Christopher Social Studies 301-803-7274
Monk, Ms. Lili Social Studies 301-803-7274
Muehl, Ms. Beth Social Studies 301-803-7274
Ramos, Mr. Oscar Social Studies 301-803-7274
Reif, Ms. Kim Social Studies 301-803-7274
Rodman, Mr. Tim Social Studies 301-803-7274
Schwartz, Mr. Nathan Social Studies 301-803-7274
Schwed, Ms. Melanie Social Studies 301-803-7274
Simmons, Ms. Kathy Social Studies
APEX Coordinator
Taylor, Ms. Jennifer Social Studies 301-803-7274
Uhler, Mr. David Social Studies 301-803-7274

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World Languages

Name Department Phone #
Spak, Ms. Lori World Languages, Resource Teacher 301-803-7213
Cavallini, Ms. Maria World Languages
LEAD! Coordinator
Churchwell, Mr. Mark World Languages 301-803-7213
Freitas, Ms. Carolina World Languages 301-803-7213
Generose, Ms. Karen World Languages 301-803-7213
Kinani, Ms. Farah World Languages 301-803-7213
Liang, Dr. Lucia World Languages 301-803-7213
Martinez, Mr. Ryan World Languages 301-803-7213
McAndrew, Ms. Amanda World Languages 301-803-7213
Mena, Ms. Ghania "Sonia" World Languages 301-803-7213
O'Connor, Ms. Emilia World Languages 301-803-7213
Roca Sanchez, Ms. Maria World Languages 301-803-7213
Sasse, Mr. Eric World Languages 301-803-7213
Selva, Ms. Gabriela World Languages 301-803-7213
Shu, Ms. Songtao World Languages 301-803-7213

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