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Vision Statement: The Walter Johnson Community strives to provide an outstanding 21st century education for each and every student in an inspiring, caring and engaging environment.

Mission Statement: All students will explore and expand their potential through collaboration, perseverance, and creative problem solving in order to be successful in college and careers.


  1. Academic Achievement will improve as measured by H.S. Attainment 
    Index, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) measures, AP numbers taken and 
    percentage passing, SAT/ACT scores, eligibility, and final exam scores. 
  2. Relationships will improve between students and students, staff and 
    students, staff and staff, and school and community as measured by 
    surveys, interviews, observations, and data collection (referral reports,
    peer mediation results, LC information, priority lists, and staff
  3. Department goals will become the action plans for achieving the 
    Academic Achievement and Relationships Goals stated in the School
    Improvement Plan.

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