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Fundamentals of Computer Science (9th Grade SMCS) covers a number of topics including programming. While we teach Python 3.4 from the basics, it is useful to already have some degree of introductory programming background. If you are new to programming, you are recommended to take a free online introductory course. As we use Python 3.4 it is recommended that the course use version 3.x, but a version 2.x course is fine. There are a variety of free online courses available but some that have been looked at include
Code Academy: (only the first 9 topics (through 9 Exam Statistics) are necessary. )
University of Michigan:

Showcasing Some Excellent Work!

Coding Art From AP Computer Science and Principles

Students are using the coordinate system that the Carnegie Mellon Graphics package provides for them in the Python programming language to create images out of geometric shapes, labels, gradients and opacity.

Click images to see more art and the level of detail and difficulty of the codes behind them!

Hill PD3 Web Coding Work.jpg

Hill Pd3 Hummingbird.png

Hill Pd3 COOL Man.png