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How to Prepare Your Students for the 2021 AP Exams

PHS AP Exam Guidance for Families- Meeting Slides

PHS AP Schedule 2021


Friday April 30th

is the laSt day for AP students to:

  • Request a fee waiver

  • Seniors to request placement in, at-school, in-person Administration 2 for all Physics exams, Chemistry Statistics, and Calculus AP exams.


There have been many changes to the AP Tests this year because of the current health crisis.  Keep informed of changes to the tests, online review schedules and new testing dates at the following College Board website:

FAQs on AP Exams for Students and Parents (MPCS version) Click HERE

AP/IB Exam Fee Assistance Request Form 2020-2021

AP/IB Exam Fee Assistance Request Form (PDF) 2020-2021

Have you ordered and paid for an AP exam?  Follow these steps if you don’t know the answer!

  1. Sign into your AP Classroom on the website:  If you can’t remember the password you will have to reset it.  In all likelihood you will need your password this year in order to take the exams.
  2. Look to see which exams you have ordered by subject, the information is on the website.  You can be part of a class and not have ordered the exam, but the information is there either way.
  3. Then go to the Pay Obligations page (link on school website under PHS Quick Links) at  After you have logged in click on the Student Debt tab at the top right of the screen.  If no Obligations are listed, you have paid for the exam.  Or contact Mr. Nathaniel Gordon at with your name, ID number and exams you have a question regarding payment.

The deadline to order new AP Exams has passed!  No new exams can be ordered for this year!

Contact either if you have further questions.  

AP Course Overview

Click HERE to see College Board descriptions of AP Courses.

Will the College I plan to attend accept my AP Scores? 

Click HERE to use a College Board tool to help answer this question! 

AP Test Results

AP scores are available on online starting in early July.  To get scores, students must sign into their College Board accounts by going to  


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