Mr. Mark Carothers - Principal

Ms. Angelica Rivas-Smith - Assistant Principal


Ms. Allison Wilder - Magnet Coordinator

This is Ms. Wilder's twenty-first year at Poolesville. She is currently the Magnet Coordinator for the Global Ecology House, Humanities House, Independent Studies Program and the Science, Math, Computer Science House overseeing the application process; screening and selection; and day-to-day operation of the magnet programs. Ms. Wilder supervises the Science, Technology/PE and the Advanced Engineering Academy Departments. Ms. Wilder can be reached by phone at 240-740-2419.

Mr. John Butler - Assistant School Administrator

Mr. Butler is very excited to be starting his third year as an administrator at Poolesville High School. He thoroughly enjoys the high school comradery and all the activities that are available for students. Previously before coming to PHS, Mr. Butler was 6th grade team leader at Sligo Middle School where he taught English. Before that he was a Reading Specialist at Argyle Middle School and before that a 5th grade teacher in DCPS. He has coached JV Girls and Boys Soccer for eight years at Rockville High School. Mr. Butler supervises 9th and 11th grade, Mathematics, Special Education, and Counseling. Mr. Butler can be reached by phone at 240-740-2400.

Ms. Susan Krouner - School Business Administrator

Ms. Krouner is entering her twelfth year at Poolesville High School.  As Business Administrator, she oversees the operation of the building and campus, manages all financial and business activities, and supervises the building services, financial, IT, and cafeteria staff.  Ms. Krouner can be reached by phone at 240-740-2400.

Main Office Staff

Mary Fourcade
Administrative Secretary

Teri Gregg
Main Office Secretary

Adrienne Brooks
Magnet Office Secretary

Rhona Bortnick
Attendance Secretary

Debra Reed
Attendance Secretary

Financial Office

Nathaniel Gordon
Financial Specialist


Skip Etheridge 
Security Team Leader

Howard Copeland
Security Officer

Fabiola Carter
Security Officer

Denny Mortimer
Security Officer


Teresa Fanflik
Health Technician

Janet Lee, SCHN
School Nurse

Health Room Website

Building Services

Office 240.740.2403

 Pecoe Fleming
Building Service Manager

Building Services Assistant Manager

Janice Carter
Building Service Worker

Markaela Talley
Building Service Worker

Jay Holmes  
Building Service Worker

Elsa Martinez Reyes  
Building Service Worker

Staff Development

Katie Horan
Staff Development Teacher

Building and User Support

Cesar Moreno Paico
Plant Manager

Kathryn Hackey

Foday Conteh
Media Services Technician


Julia Cho
Cafeteria Manager

Paula Brooks
Cafeteria Worker