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Kenneth Kramek, Resource Teacher

Graduation Requirements, College Readiness, Extra Help, Mathletes, etc.

Course Recommendation Guidelines

High School Math Pathways

Magnet Math Pathways

 Graphing calculators are needed in high school math courses beginning in Algebra 1. The recommended calculators are the Texas Instruments (TI) 84 plus or (TI) 83 plus. The math department has a limited number of these calculators to loan for the school year if a student is unable to purchase a calculator.


Laura Ackerman, Teacher
Nathan Conyer, Teacher
Garrett Dobbs, Teacher
Jeffrey Flowers, Teacher
Keith Gordon, Teacher
Lindsay Junkins, Teacher
Michael Maurer, Teacher
Melody Morgan, Teacher
Justin Nowell, Teacher

Vision Statement

The math department of Poolesville High School is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of students, challenging them to become mathematically literate individuals, while maintaining balance and joy in the learning.

Math Department Values

1) all have great value, regardless of what they know or are able to do.
2) need adequate time to learn and process.
3) deserve to be treated equitably and with respect.
4) deserve a rigorous curriculum.
5) need to be taught to self-advocate, to take responsibility for their own learning, and how to learn.

Teachers, in order to be effective:
1) deserve to be valued, respected, and treated as professionals by all stakeholders.
2) need to advocate for their needs in order to be effective.
3) need to exercise professional judgment.
4) should be sincere, optimistic, and high energy individuals.
5) should accept no limits.
6) should use teamwork, move together, and lead by participating.

Teachers need to demonstrate and work to develop the following character traits in their students:
1) a willingness to exert effective effort and accept ever-increasing degrees of challenge
2) honesty
3) flexibility



smallsun Summer Packets

Students need to consider only the packet for the class they will be taking in the fall.

Updated 6/18/2020

Optional Review Packets 
Algebra One
Algebra Two
Statistics and Math Modeling
Calculus with Applications
AP Statistics
AP Calculus
 Required Packets
 Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra Two
Honors Precalculus
Magnet Packets
Magnet Geometry
Magnet Precalculus AB and Magnet Functions
Suggested Reading for Analysis One