NWHS Yearbook


Ordering Yearbooks

You can now preorder your yearbook at www.yearbookforever.com. The current cost is $55.


Senior Baby Picture Ads: Due February 22, 2021

Baby picture ads can be purchased to celebrate the Class of 2021 and are just $10 each. Simply upload your baby picture and a quote to be featured. Purchase at www.yearbookforever.com. Ad must be purchase by 2/22/21.


Senior Pictures for Yearbook: Due February 22, 2021

If your student did not take a senior picture at the school in the fall, you can submit a picture taken by other photographers or at home.  These pictures will be used for the yearbook and may also be used for other end-of-year activities.  In order for the picture to be used, it must feature the senior’s head and shoulders only in a front-facing pose. Arms should be down at the sides with no hands visible.  The picture background should be one color, preferably blue, black, brown or grey.  Seniors should wear dark attire that is preferably business casual or formal wear.  The picture must be e-mailed to our yearbook sponsor, Ms. Dorothy Ellis, at dorothy_k_ellis@mcpsmd.org, no later than Monday, February 22.


Yearbook Needs YOUR Photos!

  • Seniors with siblings (by March 1st)
  • Seniors in college gear
  • Wearing your favorite sports team gear
  • Out in Nature
  • Doing home workouts
  • Baking/cooking
  • Home art/arts and crafts
  • At home fashions
  • Virtual learning space
  • Masks
  • Making music
  • Walking or playing with your pets
  • New hobbies
  • Participating in virtual clubs
  • Participating in virtual sports

Submit photos via:

Please make sure that all photographs include only members of your household, and note that we will not be able to use all photographs that are submitted.