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Come on in to our virtual counseling office and interact with your school counseling team. 

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Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide an inclusive & comprehensive counseling program that will provide students with skills and knowledge to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, productive workers, lifelong learners, responsible and empathetic citizens. 

Vision Statement: Counseling services provided with a collaborative and holistic approach in order to address the social emotional and academic needs of each individual student.  We are to provide a welcoming and safe environment where students can explore, identify and express their emotions so they can be empowered to reach their full potential in becoming a well-rounded individual. 


GMS Course Bulletin 2019-20 in English and Spanish Phone: 240-740-4960

Student Mental and Emotional Health Resources 2020

Enrollment/Registration process 

Complete New Student Information form #560-24
Complete Emergency Form #565-1Spanish version 
Bring student birth certificate
Bring parent/guardian identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
Bring proof of residency (one of the following)

  • Home Owner-Current Property tax/mortgage
  • Renter-Current lease (additional info may be needed if renting more than 1 year-current utility bills)
  • Shared Housing-Form # 335-74 (must be notarized); Spanish version

Bring updated immunization

Bring updated educational plans if applicable (IEP, 504)

Counseling Lessons

Personal Body Lessons 

Signs of Suicide Prevention Program

Outside Resources

US Department of Education College Scorecard