Physical Education/Health at Gaithersburg MS

Physical Education and Health Education

All students will participate in three marking periods of physical education and one section of Health Education.  Additionally, all students may participate in the middle school intramural program which is an extension of the regular physical education instructional program.  At Gaithersburg Middle School, this program is held after school.  The intramural program involves only Gaithersburg Middle School students and does not involve competitions against other schools.    

Physical Education and Health Education Teachers

Physical Education and Health Education Course Syllabus  - English or Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions about PE

 Short Term Illness or Injury Guidelines for Physical Education Instruction
The Physical Education Physician Contact Form is required for students who will miss more than five days of physical education class due to illness or injury.  Failure to return the form can result in failure of the course and/or loss of the physical education credit.  If your child has a short term illness or injury, complete this form and turn it into the GMS Health Room.  

Cold Weather Guidelines for Physical Education Instruction
Physical Education instruction will be conducted outdoors as long as the wind chill factor is above 32 degrees.  When the wind chill factor is 32 degrees or lower, physical education instruction will be conducted indoors. 

The only exception to this policy is instruction related to the Polar Bear Unit.  Students who have voluntarily registered for the Polar Bear Unit will receive outdoor instruction as long as the wind chill factor is above 25 degrees.  When the wind chill factor is 25 degrees or lower, the Polar Bear Unit will be conducted indoors.  

 Family Life and Human Sexuality (FLHS) and Disease Prevention and Control (DPC) Units for Health Education Instruction 
Students will participate in FLHS and DPC instruction unless written parent/guardian permission is submitted excluding the student from receiving instruction related to human sexuality and/or sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.  You may choose to have your student excused from either or both of these units.  If excused, your student will participate in other health education units of instruction under the supervision of a professional in an instructional setting. 

If you would like to opt your student out of the FLHS unit and/or the DPC unit of instruction, please complete the enclosed permission form and return it to Ms. Katie Becker no later than October 19, 2020.  If this form is not returned, your student will receive instruction on FLHS and DPC including HIV/AIDS. 

2020 FLHS Slideshow

6th grade health letter     English 6th grade opt-out form     English
7th grade health letter     English 7th grade opt-out form    English
8th grade health letter     English 8th grade opt-out form    English


If you have any question about what is taught during these units, please refer to the link below and/or contact Katie Becker – Team Leader at Gaithersburg Middle School.