Student information at Gaithersburg MS


After-School Activities

GMS 2020-21 Extracurricular Activities

For any general questions feel free to contact: 
School Phone: 240-740-4950   
 E-Mail:   Mr. Sharif Robinson

Intramural Activity questions should be directed to:  Ms. Erin Evans 

How to Sign Up for Virtual Intramurals

All after school activities will start on October 5th and will be held virtually. 

Please review the list of after school activities and use this link to sign up.  Registration ends on October 2nd at 2pm.

You can participate in more than one activity but please do not choose more than one activity that meets on the same day and time.


General Information for Students

Cell Phone Policy:
Basically... students you can carry a cell phone at school, BUT no one can see it!!!
It's tricky... read the policy to get the full details

Free Microsoft Office Suite for MCPS students

All MCPS students are eligible to download and install the latest version of the Microsoft
Office software suite, Office 365 ProPlus, for free.  Step-by-step directions for downloading and installing the software can be found on the 
Parents and Students web page and are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Korean, and Amharic.