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Surplus Furniture



Desk, Teacher


Desk, Student

deck student 

Chair, Teacher

chair teacher 

Chair, Student (14", 16", 18")

chair sudent 



File Cabinet, 4 Drawer

file cabinet 

Table, All Purpose

Table, All Purpose 

Table, Kidney

table kidney 

Table, Round

table round 

Table, Trapezoid

table trapezoid 


Here's How to Order

Surplus furniture requests will be fulfilled based on availability. When the furniture becomes available we will contact you.

First... browse the potentially available items above
Next... complete the order form at the bottom of this page...That's it!

Know Before You Go... Important Notes:

  1. Only MCPS administrators, administrative secretaries, building service managers, business managers, and financial assistants are authorized to place these requests.
  2. Most surplus furniture is gently used. New furniture is rarely available.
  3. Item styles, sizes and colors may vary based on availability.
  4. If you have questions about ordering, or have a need for additional materials, please email us at

Order Here

The new Surplus Furniture Request Form can be accessed here: Surplus Furniture Request Form