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Teacher Resources

 Teacher Resources

What Can DMM Do for You?

As a teacher, you don't have a lot of time to shop all over for supplies you need in your classroom today. We've compiled resources for you to make your life easier. 


Everything you need is in a mysterious place we call "FMS." You may not have access to this magical Financial Management System, but your school's administrative secretary and other staff do. You just need to tell them what you want. But where to begin?

In the MCPS Warehouse:

Illustrated Warehouse Catalog. Looking for cellophane? staplers? Start your search here and you'll see images and item numbers to help you decide.

Warehouse Catalog (Excel version). This searchable, sortable Excel file also includes links to images (click on any blue item numbers for product photos).

From Contract Suppliers: 
View Contract Summaries for everything from appliances to woodwind instrument repair.

Working with Excel Files:  
View this quick tutorial for tips on working with Excel files.

Personal Shopping: 
Employee Discount! Office Depot offers a discount to MCPS employees to use in retail stores as well as online! Register on the Office Depot Customer Login page with your own personal username and password and enjoy savings online right away! Download an Employee Purchasing Card for use at Office Depot stores. 

Music Teachers

Visit the honors chorus sheet music library or view instrumental music workbooks for elementary schools.

Theater, Music, Dance, and other performing arts 

  • Order free rental risers, stage with steps, flooring, and chairs for your performances!
  • Save money on printed programs! Contact the Print Shop for guidelines, pricing, and advice to make your program shine.

Elementary Science Teachers

What's in Your Science Kit? Check out these unpacking videos by grade and semester.


Complete the Teacher Transfer Moving Assistance form and we'll provide you with moving assistance when you transfer to another school. Please note that DMM does not provide boxes. When you anticipate a move, you should begin saving boxes from copier paper and other sources. 

Here are tips from the Help Desk to help you with the digital part of your move.