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Pony Mail & parcel delivery service

DMM Pony

Pony mail is the internal mail system for MCPS. Only MCPS business mail may be sent by Pony mail. Place qualified pieces in your school's Pony mailbag. 


(AKA "Nonprofit" Rate)

In January 2019, the price of a stamp went up to 55 CENTS! That means you SAVE EVEN MORE when your school takes advantage of our FREE BULK RATE postage! When you send your mail using Bulk Rate (also called "Nonprofit Rate"), it is FREE to your schoolBulk Rate mailings are picked up by the Pony, processed and delivered to the U.S. postal service for you, and generally travel at the same speed as regular mail! All schools are strongly encouraged to use Bulk Rate for mailings of over 200 pieces.

For mailings of 200 pieces or more, just put the "SUBURBAN MD PERMIT 201" indicia (postage imprint) on your envelopes. You can download the indicia (see below) or request FREE printing of the indicia when you order envelopes for your school from our print shop (EGPS). The NONPROFIT POSTAGE INDICIA is printed on EGPS envelope orders at no extra charge!

TIP! You can use the indicia printed envelopes for regular mail too--just put your postage stamp OVER the pre-printed non-profit indicia!

To add the indicia image to envelopes you already have, download the current INDICIA and put it on your envelopes: 


JOIN the BLUE BAG postage program and ALWAYS get the BEST POSTAGE RATE possible for regular mail!

Never need stamps again! Blue Bag members simply place their mail in a special blue postage bag. For a nominal $200.00 start-up fee (a one-time expense to cover the cost of bags and postage machine supplies), we'll stamp your mail for you and keep track of your postage costs. Pay when it's convenient by JV transfer.

Read more about the Blue Bag Program.

Click Here if your school would like to join!

Blue Bag usage GUIDELINES:

  • For official MCPS mail. (Personal mail will be returned.) 
  • All envelopes must be sealed. (Unsealed envelopes must be returned.) 
  • Envelopes must have the school name as the return address. 
  • If you are preparing a mailing where you don't want to use the school name (such as for temporary locations), please use:

Montgomery County Public Schools
850 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20850  

If you have a large mailing that you cannot send by bulk rate, BLUE BAG will process it for you! Simply face all pieces the same way, rubber-band them into groups of about 50, and place them in a box next to your blue bag. We'll get you the best possible regular postal rate for your type of mail.


Using the U.S. Postal Service

    Option 1. If your mailing has 150 identical pieces or more, consider mailing at NO CHARGE using our FREE Bulk Rate service. Save BIG by following these BULK RATE GUIDELINES .

    Option 2. Join our Blue Bag Postage program and we will put the U.S. postage on your mail for you! All you do is put the mail in the Blue Bag--we take care of the rest and put it on your school's tab! Mail now, pay later!

    Option 3.  Put the correct postage on each piece and place the mail in the U.S. Postal Service bag.



  • gently used and extra lovely
  • sorted and packaged by size
  • prompt delivery to your school
  • special discount rate  (FREE! :-)

Get YOUR free Pony envelopes by emailing Ron Parrott, Jr., mailroom operations supervisor, or by calling 301-279-3149 or 301-517-8295.



For questions about any of our mail services, please email Ron Parrott, Jr., mailroom operations supervisor, or call 301-279-3149, 301-517-8295, or 240-372-9597.