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2018 AEP Award Winner

The MCPS Procurement Unit is a proud recipient of the 2018 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award from the National Procurement Institute.

Procurement for MCPS Staff

MCPS Staff: What internal forms are needed for Independent Contractors/Consultants? 

Check out our Contractor/Consultant Grid sheet



For MCPS SUPPLIERS and potential suppliers


E-Maryland Marketplace has a new name: eMMA!

E-Maryland Marketplace is now "eMaryland Marketplace Advantage" (eMMA)!

NEW REGISTRATION is required! All past business registrations created in the old E-Maryland Marketplace are no longer in effect. All MCPS vendors MUST re-register on the new eMMA website to continue to receive notifications about our bid opportunities!

Using eMMA is the ONLY way for businesses to find out about all of the supplier opportunities we have to offer! MCPS is required by law to post all notices of new bidding opportunities through the eMMA website--vendors must go through the eMMA website to obtain bid information.
When vendors register on eMMA, they will be able to select the products and services for which they would like to receive bid notifications--not only from MCPS, but from other state and local agencies as well!


Businesses must be registered AND they must make their bid notification selections!

If vendors do not select their bid notifications, even if the business is registered, they will not receive notifications about new bids from MCPS!

For an overview on how to use eMMA, see the guidebook Vendor Quick Reference Guide.

To learn how businesses can select which bid notifications they want to receive, see the pdf guide on Managing Vendor Profile. (Vendor guide #2 in the Vendor Quick Reference Guide.) To register a business, visit the website: eMMA.


Click here to see the latest discounts and shipping terms from our MCPS Catalog Suppliers!

NEW Really Good Stuff Terms

NEW Lakeshore Learning Catalog Discount Terms

  • All MCPS orders will receive free shipping!
  • All MCPS orders will receive a 5% discount!
  • Be sure to include the MCPS Lakeshore Account #197703 when ordering.

NEW! WATER COOLER SERVICES without requisitions!

Starting May 1, 2019, schools will no longer need to create requisitions for Bottled Water Service! Now you can select from one of the following payment options:

  • Purchasing card (P-card)--the preferred method! Payments may be paid monthly, or set up as convenient, recurring payments each month.
  • Pay by check--pay your monthly invoice with a school check.

Search Supplies and Services

Looking for supplies and equipment? Use the links below to find searchable resources and information.

For information about Textbooks & Instructional Materials, please see the Instructional Center on myMCPS.

Purchasing Card

Visit the Purchasing Card page for the User's Guide, forms, and FAQ.

More Resources

Ordering instructions and tutorials will help you to get what you need.


The Procurement Unit supports the Department of Materials Management (DMM), and the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) mission, vision, and strategic goals by providing vendor contracts for schools and offices to purchase high-quality goods and services at reasonable costs.