World Studies

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 Six Grade World Studies Teachers


 Sarah Giron   Mrs. Sara Giron enjoys learning about Native American history and ancient Greece and Rome.
 Ali    Mr. Anwar Ali teaches 6th and 8th Grade History.

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Seventh Grade World Studies

Mrs. Krista Guardado enjoys learning about Colonial America and the Mayans and Aztecs.
Myers   Mr. Matthew Myers enjoy learning about Ancient Egypt and French history (Mr. Myers also teaches two classes of 7th grade World Studies).

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 Eight Grade US History  


Mr. George Carmi enjoys learning Post World War II american History and keeping up with current events. 
 Fahnbulleh   Ms. Jassie Fahnbulleh enjoys learning about the Civil Rights Movement and American westward expansion.
 Scott   Ms. Roxane Scott enjoys learning about Mayans and Aztecs, Ancient Egypt and the American Civil War.  She literally enjoys to learn about MANY other things things.  Ms. Scott teaches 7th and 8th grade World Studies for our DHOH program students.

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Discovery Education
This link has great information for students, including streamed videos for many of the topics featured in each grade’s curriculum.

Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian webpage is an excellent resource that details information about upcoming exhibits, events and more!

National Geographic Society:
This webpage has excellent practice quizzes for students to strengthen their geography skills.  

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