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NEW:  Financial Aid Bootcamp!  Federal Student Aid (FSA) will be hosting a two-day Financial Aid Virtual Bootcamp between April 20 – 21, 2021. This bootcamp will focus on information designed to help participants learn about how to find the right college fit by using innovative tools such as the FSA’s Loan Simulator and College Scorecard. Attendees will also learn how to navigate the federal financial aid process and the steps after completing the 2021-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.  Attendees will also discover how to interpret various types of financial aid award letters along with how to access and utilize FSA’s tools and resources.  This bootcamp is ideal for students, parents, guidance counselors, college access professionals, college and career coaches, and other members of the financial aid community.  Registration information here.  Download the promotional flyer here. | post 6 April 2021 |

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filing period for the 2021-2022 academic year ends June 30, 2022.  More on FAFSA deadlines here.

Students ineligible to file the FAFSA who live in the state of Maryland can file the Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MSFAA).  The MSFAA filing period for the 2021-2022 academic year ends June 30, 2022.  More on MSFAA deadlines hereThe application is available through the MD CAPS portal. The MC CAPS account is required to accept Maryland State financial aid as well as file the MSFAA.  Create your MD CAPS ACCOUNT. 

REMINDER:  Maryland Community College Promise SCHOLARSHIP.  Invitation to APPLY!  Are you planning to attend a community college in the state of Maryland? Do you plan to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MSFAA) by March 1?  Do you have a minimum 2.3 GPA?  If you answered YES to these questions you can be considered for the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship.  Learn more about the Promise Scholarship and important next steps.  Download the  Promise Scholarship Application Cycle Timeline | post 2 February 2021 |

Financial Aid Channel on YouTubeSupported by Federal Student Aid ( | post 28 January 2021 |

FAFSA Fever Days Announced with Montgomery College.  Assistance with completing the FAFSA.  Learn more here.  |  updated 17 February 2021 |

RESOURCE:  Northwest HS 2020 Virtual Financial Aid Seminar.  Presented by Rob Maddox, Director of Student Financial Aid at St. Mary's College of Maryland.  This seminar provided information on all aspects of financial aid. | Zoom Webinar link Presentation Google Slide Deck.

Financial Aid Questions Answered!  FAFSA workshop/webinar on YouTubeThe workshop was facilitated by Ed Prep PLUS and Outreach Specialist, Mr. Isaiah Ellis, with the MHEC Office of Student Financial Aid.Questions around finances, as well as various family circumstances including citizenship, divorce/separation, and much more are covered.  Additionally, how to search for scholarships and additional (federal) grants is also discussed.

Benefits of filing the FAFSA early!  Federal pell grant money likely will not run out but filing early gives students the best opportunity to receive other need-based aid, including state aid, grants and scholarships.  There is more time to file an appeal if dissatisfied with the aid amount or there has been a change in economic circumstances.  Read the full article here.

Announcing the Incentive Awards Program (IAP) with the University of Maryland College Park and MCPS UMD Accepted Students.  If you are applying to UMD College Park and demonstrate qualities like leadership, being service oriented, committed to striving to be best and perseverance, you may want to learn more about IAP.  Applicants must apply to UMD by November 1 and be accepted.  The FAFSA must also be completed by January 1 and the applicant must be eligible for the Pell Grant.  The IAP application is completed between February 1 and March 1.  The program offers a summer bridge program, full tuition, room and board along with guaranteed housing and a study abroad component.  Learn more on the IAP website.

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Scholarship Resources:

NEW Northwest High School Scholarship Resource on YouTube:  Inside the World of Scholarships at Northwest High School (17 minutes)

Scholarship Resource:  StudentScholarships.orgNewsletter includes multiple scholarship opportunities with deadlines through the end of the school year.  Click on the link for a list of current scholarships and links to applications. 

Scholarship Resource:  Scholarships that Do Not Require Proof of US Citizenship or Legal Permanent Residency | web post 30 July 2020 |

The JAG Scholarship 'Apply Now' Bulletin:  This bulletin will be updated as scholarship opportunities become available.  The updated post date indicates the latest publication date. | updated post 8 April 2021 *the next post will be 15 April 2021* |

Published weekly, this bulletin summarizes scholarship opportunities that are currently available to Northwest High School students.  The 'Apply Now' Bulletin is available to download using the link provided above.  Included in this publication are the links to the scholarship application, eligibility criteria and deadlines to apply.  The scholarship opportunities are listed by the scholarship application deadline to apply date.

The JAG Scholarship 'Apply Later' Forecast Bulletin:  Published one-time only at the beginning of each school year.  The Forecast Bulletin lists all scholarships available to students at Northwest High School based on the prior year.  Included in this publication will be the criteria for applying, links to scholarship funder web sites and the general time line for availability and application.  The Forecast Bulletin is available to  download using the link provided above.  The Forecast Bulletin lists the scholarship alphabetically by the scholarship name.

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Scholarship Application Links:

If the JAG Scholarship 'Apply Now' Bulletin directs you to this web page for the application, download the application using the link provided below.

Scholarship Transcript Requests: Google Scholarship Transcript Request Processing Form 

The list below is not a complete list.  A complete list of ALL scholarship opportunities that have been made available to Northwest students can be found in the JAG Scholarship 'Apply Now' Bulletin, including criteria, ONLINE links to applications, and eligibility.

REMINDER:  A complete list of ALL scholarship opportunities that have been made available to Northwest students, including criteria, ONLINE links to applications, and eligibility, can be found in the JAG Scholarship 'Apply Now' Bulletin. 

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Financial Aid Information & Resources:

COVID-19 update:  Visit the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) website and the websites for the colleges you are applying to for financial aid updates and deadline extensions as a result of COVID-19.

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