Special Education Department

Special Education Department

Department Phone: 301.321.3400 

ext. 1218

Resource Teacher: Sheila Saunders

The Special Education Department of Wheaton High School provides support to students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) across the curriculum. The Special Education Staff include Resource Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Paraeducators. The department's goal is to meet the instructional needs of all students so that they have the ability to succeed and thrive in a rigorous learning environment. Special Education Programs and services at Wheaton High School include: LAD, Resource, LFI, SCB, Transition, and Speech.

Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD) and Resource Programs

This model serves students with learning and academic disabilities by utilizing a program that may include components of self-contained classes, co-taught general education classes, and supported classes. The goal is to ensure access to the MCPS General Education Program of Studies for students with disabilities to the greatest extent possible. Students may take a resource class that helps to develop and improve such education skills such as organization, study skills, test taking strategies, etc. Paraeducators play a vital role in support of students and the Special Education teachers. Some paraeducators are permanently assigned to specific teachers while others are used in multiple capacities.

Teachers and courses

  • Kristy D'Angelo: Algebra 2
  • Kendel Goff: Honors Geometry and Qunat Lit. 
  • Dapheny Little: Dev. Reading, English 9, English 10
  • Brenton McCoy: Honors US History
  • Anjana (Nikki) Mehta: Resource and Honors Geometry
  • Leslie Richardson: Chemistry
  • Hope Trawick: Resource and NSL
  • Amy Wolfe: Honors Biology


  • Julia Black
  • Shirlita Baker
  • Jim Bort
  • Nicole Brown
  • Michelle Phang
  • Carol Guerra
  • Roderick Mincher
  • Corinne Gadson 

Learning for Independence (LFI)

Learning for Independence (LFI) services are designed for students with complex learning and cognitive needs, including mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Services support the implementation of Alternate Academic Learning Outcomes aligned with Curriculum 2.0.


  • Rahel Hanadari
  • Joan Locastro


  • Kailissa Santangelo
  • Christianah Oladiran 
  • Jocelyn Chica Valdez (TPT)
  • Andreina Delgado (TPT)

The School/Community Based Program (SCB)

School Community-based Program (SCB) services are designed for students with severe or profound intellectual disabilities and/or multiple disabilities. SCB services include the following components: age-appropriate classes, heterogeneous groups, peer interactions, individualized instruction, community instruction, and transition.


  • Kerri Mullins-Levine


  • Carey Lane
  • Jessica Kulick

Transition Services

Transition services provides stakeholders the necessary resources, tools, supports and professional development needed to ensure students a successful transition into further education, employment, and full participation in their community.


  • Steve Hanna 

Speech-Language Department

The speech-language pathologists at Wheaton High school Provide service to students with communication disorders involving articulation, fluency, oral language, or voice. Services range from consultation to direct intervention and are provided across settings and in collaboration with teachers.

  • Tauna Stinson
  • Leah Lipsky 

School Psychologist 

Dr. Trellis Jones

Pupil Personnel Worker

Evelyn Joray