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Judith Artman, ESOL RT
Department Director

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The ESOL (English For Speakers of Other Languages) Department is staffed by linguistically and culturally diverse teachers who cooperate as a team and work as a professional learning community.

We provide the following programs to serve our community and students:

  • A multilingual Back-To-School Night Parent Meeting
  • Individual and group bilingual counseling for academic, social, and personal issues
  • Knight Time (offering afterschool academic help and social events)
  • Lunch tutoring
  • Parent services provided by our parent outreach coordinator.

Members of our department coordinated and directed a school-wide International Night program promoting appreciation of Wheaton's cultural diversity. ESOL teachers have also sponsored or supported the New Experiences Club, the International Club, and the Minority Scholars.

Goals of the MCPS ESOL program

The goal of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is to empower ESOL students to master academic English to thrive in school, college, careers, and as global citizens. The education of students learning English as a new language is a collaborative responsibility shared by the ESOL teacher, the classroom teacher, all other appropriate MCPS staff, as well as the ESOL student.

ESOL/Bilingual Programs identify eligible students for ESOL services, monitor their English Language Development, provide funding and programmatic support through Title III Federal funds, and exit students who have met the Maryland State Department of Education's English Language Proficiency Target as measured by the WIDA ACCESS.

News and Events

  • International Night

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