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Social Studies Department

Social Studies Department

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Mr. David Shaffner


The primary goal of social studies at Wheaton is for students to have a wide range of experiences and challenges as they study history and the social sciences. We use facts, concepts, generalizations, and the skills of history and the social sciences to foster responsible and informed citizenship.

Through the combined study of history and the social sciences, students critically examine past events and decisions and study human behavior in varied settings. As much as possible, we draw on the background, experiences, and prior knowledge of our diverse student body to enhance our classroom strategies. To meet these goals, the social studies department offers a variety of course offerings including the required courses, popular elective offerings, and challenging AP classes. The Social Studies Department is fully committed to supporting all pathways of the Global Studies Academy as well as providing enriching experiences through our elective offerings to students in all Wheaton Academies.

Social Studies: Department Staff 2020-2021              

Mr. Marco Basso-Luco

AP Government, NSL Government


Mr. Bart Brooks

AP US History, Psychology 1, Sociology


Mr. Ben Feasley

AP Government, Economics


Ms. Heidi Hemming

US History, Peace Studies, Women’s Studies


Mr. Andrew Kulesh

NSL Government, US History


Ms. Tobii Mason

AP Psychology, Student Leadership, Global Studies Academy Leader, SGA


Mr. Nikolas Papadopoulos

Modern World History, Global Issues


Ms. Shawnnell Perry

NSL Government, Law, Minority Scholars Sponsor


Ms. Katarina Pisini

Ms. Amanda Ruvolo

AP Psychology, US History, 11th Grade Class Sponsor

US History, 9th Grade Class Sponsor


Ms. Jeanne Salvado

College Prep Literacy


Mr. Matthew Scalese

US History, Modern World History, Global Issues


Mr. Giacomo Sciuto

AP World Hist., World History, Latin American History


Mr. Dave Shaffner

Department Resource Teacher, AP World History, AP Human Geo.


Mr. Jon Sturman

Mr. Zachary Wishart

Modern World History, Global Issues, Life 101

US History, NSL Government, 9th Grade Class Sponsor


Mr. Tremayne Wooten

Modern World History, Afr. Am. Hist.


Mr. Eric Zolkiewicz

AP Government, Life 101, Assistant Athletic Director


Ms. Lauren Zolkiewicz

AP US History, US History, 9th Grade Academy Leader, NHS



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