Mr. Seneca

Mr. Seneca, held annually during second semester, is Seneca Valley High School's light-hearted take-off on the Miss America pageant. This annual event has been a tradition at Seneca for over 20 years.

Senior males are nominated by vote of the entire senior class and the top six or seven are chosen to compete. They must have a GPA above 2.0 and no obligations. The contestants receive a packet of information containing the rules of the competition.

The event features the following segments: Introduction, Talent, Casual Wear, Beach Wear, Group Performance, Q&A, Formal Wear, Pick-up Lines, Most Important Person. A panel of three or five distinguished judges, who teach at Seneca Valley, determine the winner based on a scoring scale of 1-10.

The student crowned Mr. Seneca receives one free prom ticket.