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Tutoring and Interventions


As part of strategic efforts to mitigate learning disruption, high dosage tutoring and are an important strategy to accelerate learning at a student’s grade level or above; to support students who are performing below grade level; or to provide additional support beyond classroom instruction to support student success.

New - Free, On-Demand Online/Virtual Tutoring Available for All Students, K-12

New Partnerships with FEV Tutor and Tutor Me Education

Beginning on January 25, 2022, all students will have access to free tutoring and 24/7 Homework Help to support success in their current courses/grade level, through two new approved tutoring providers, FEV Tutor and Tutor Me Education. As part of comprehensive strategies to mitigate learning disruption associated with the pandemic, all students will have access to these virtual tutoring services through their MCPS Google Account, using Clever. Some students will also be referred directly by their local school. To schedule tutoring sessions: Tutor Me students fill out this form or call/email at or 240-618-2549.  The FEV students can email them @ 


Access Instructions

1. Navigate your web browser to: CleverGoogle      
2. Log in to the MCPS Clever Portal. If prompted, choose Log in with Google.
3. Select the Tutoring Partner app to access the program resources.     

Tutoring Models

Forms of Tutoring Support

High Dosage Tutoring, MCPS Staff

High Dosage Tutoring, External Provider

Homework HelpA/cademic Support (External Provider) 

  • provided by MCPS staff

  • students chosen by school using multiple data points

  • High dosage of support using MCPS curriculum OR Tier III evidence-based interventions

  • In person, virtual

  • provided by vendor staff

  • Available to all MCPS students
  • Student or parent can request scheduled sessions
  • Virtual
  • provided by vendor staff

  • Available to all MCPS students 

  • Student or parent can request tutoring 24/7

  • Virtual


External Tutoring Providers

In addition to using MCPS staff to provide high dosage tutoring and interventions, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has contracted with two external tutoring companies to provide tutoring services to students. This will ensure a robust tutoring program in all schools so that every student in need of support is able to receive it. Schools will continue to identify students in need of high dosage tutoring aligned with MCPS curricula and refer students to these external vendors. 

For questions about either tutoring partner, please contact FEV Tutor at  and Tutor Me Education at


FEV Tutor

Tutor Me Education

History of success providing high impact tutoring

Live tutor working with students

Instruction aligned with MCPS curriculum

Success in building relationships and supporting social-emotional wellbeing

Success in working with diverse populations using equitable strategies, culturally responsive instruction, and establishing rapport with the student and family

For school-referred high dosage tutoring students:

  • Learning plan is developed

  • Goals are set

  • Progress monitoring and reporting

  • Same tutor for each session

  • Vendor works with families to design a schedule


High-tech, highly interactive web-based tools used

Built- in technology that applies a positive reinforcement system


No video, two way instant messaging, student audio option, text to voice option to hear tutor


Two-way video and audio, chat tool available


Best for:

  • Students in grades 3-12 and students not wanting a video component



Best for: 

  • students in grades K-2 and students wanting a video component

  • Study of world languages


For on-demand/homework help requested by student/family

24/7 access

Available to all students

Available for any subject


FEV Tutor

Tutor Me Education


Access Information

High Dosage Tutoring

On-Demand Tutoring

  • Schools will contact families letting them know to expect a call from External Partner Family Outreach team.

  • Schools will roster students directly with External Partner

  • External Partner will contact families to set up a schedule of tutoring

  • Students access the Tutor platform through a link in Clever


Students access the Tutor platform through a link in Clever

No scheduling needed.

All tutoring services are free to MCPS students

Access Instructions

FAQ's - On-Demand Tutoring Provided by External Partners

Who is eligible?

Any K-12 student enrolled in an MCPS school. 


Who is providing tutoring services?

We have two companies to support our students. 

FEV Tutor 

  • Learn more here: 

  • Best suited for students 3-12 who prefer a highly technical interactive experience without video


Tutor Me Education

What is being offered with each tutoring service?

  • Virtual tutoring

  • 24/7

  • On-demand homework help

  • On-going tutoring scheduled with a tutor


Are the tutors MCPS employees?

They are not. Each company hires highly qualified tutors who will use MCPS curriculum resources to support students


How do I request a tutor?

Each company has access available through Clever using the student MCPS login credentials

Here are directions for how to get set up.


What can I get help with?

Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, Foreign Languages, test preparation, help with an assignment, anything a student needs help with!