Enrollment Information

Thank you for visiting the Seneca Valley High School web page regarding the enrollment process.  The staff of Seneca Valley looks forward to meeting you in the near future! 

Please complete the following steps to enroll your child at Seneca Valley High School:

  • To begin, verify that your address is within the Seneca Valley High School District using the MCPS School Locator Tool:  http://gis.mcpsmd.org/SchoolAssignmentTool2/Index.xhtml 
  • Obtain a copy of your child’s transcript from the school they last attended.  If your child is an incoming 9th grader, a copy of their last report card.  Schools can also send directly to our registrar, Ms. LeeAnn Wentz at LeeAnn_Geisler@mcpsmd.org
  • Obtain a copy of enrolling parent/guardian identification
  • Obtain proof of residency
    • If you own, a copy of your current tax bill
    • If you recently purchased a home, a copy of your disclosure statement
    • If you rent, a copy of your current lease
    • If you share housing, the following is required:
      • A completed and notarized Shared Housing Disclosure form (Form 335-74)
      • A copy of the lease or current tax bill of the person you are living with
      • Two supporting documents showing the parents name at that address
  • Obtain a copy of your child’s birth certificate 
  • Obtain a copy your child’s immunization record
  • Fill out additional registration paperwork required by MCPS provided in the Enrollment Folder or accessible at the following website:  https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/info/enroll/index.aspx

Once all steps above have been completed, contact Rogena Parrish at Rogena_O_Parrish@mcpsmd.org to make an appointment.  You will bring all obtained documents (listed above) with you to this appointment.  During this appointment, a counselor will review past course history and further discuss their upcoming schedule, graduation requirements, pertinent Seneca Valley information, and answer any questions you and your child may have.

Questions?  Please reach out to the Counseling Office at 240-740-6420.