Attendance Policies

There is a direct, positive relationship between school attendance and student achievement. Students are expected to attend every scheduled class on time each day, unless there is a legitimate and lawful reason for an absence. In the State of Maryland, a limited number of situations and circumstances are considered lawful reasons for a student to be absent from school. 

The reasons are death in immediate family, certified illness of child, court summons, violent storms, observance of religious holiday, work activity accepted by school authority, state emergency, other emergency, suspension, lack of transportation.

The best way to report your child’s full day absence is to send an email to if you send an email, it is not necessary to send a written note upon your child’s return to school.

Please Note: Pyle Absences is only for absent notices . Please do not email early departure or late arrivals at this email.

If you call the school to report your child’s absence, the student is required to turn in a note to the Main Office with the following information: student full given name (clear and legible), date and reason of absence, and a parent's/ guardian's signature. A doctor's note is required when a student is absent for a period of five days or longer.nistrator.  In order to participate in a weekend event, a Friday absence must be excused.  

In order to participate in any athletic or extracurricular event the student must be in all scheduled classes on the day of the event, unless the absence has received prior written approval by a school administration.  

If there are any questions, about the "Attendance Policies", please contact, Department of Policy, Records, and Reporting at 301-279-3530.


If a student is late to school for any reason other than arriving on a late bus, s/he turn in a note of explanation from the parent/guardian including the student's full name, date, reason for late arrival, and parent/guardian signature to the main office & sign in. 

Early Dismissal

If a student needs to leave school early, a note signed by a parent/guardian should be brought to the Attendance Secretary at the beginning of the school day. The note should include the student's full name, grade, parent's/ guardian's home, office, or cell phone number, the date, time, and reason for early dismissal.  The student will get a pass to leave class. Before leaving school, students must sign out in the Main Office. Students may not leave school grounds without permission. Parents/guardians or their designee must come into the Main Office to meet the child. A student without a note will be released only to the parent/guardian or emergency contact listed on the Emergency Information Card. Please try to avoid making appointments for your child during the school day, especially on testing days.    

If you forget to give your child an Early Dismissal Note or if you have an unplanned dismissal, please make sure to come to the main office 10-15 minutes early.

School Hours

Students are expected to be in their seats at 8:15 am. and are dismissed at 3:00 pm.  Students in the building before or after school must be supervised by a staff member. Students should notify their parent/guardian the night before when plans are made to stay after school or to go home with a friend. Activity bus schedules will become available in late September. Students must be picked up promptly following all after-school activities. The dismissal time on half days is 12:25 pm. There are no after school activities or activity buses on half days.