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Welcome!  Our Pyle PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student-Association) proudly supports our Pyle Panthers, faculty, staff, and MCPS community in countless ways.  We invite you to join us and to get involved.  Pyle is our middle schoolers' "second home" for three years so we do everything we can to enhance it.  Please scroll down to learn more.  At the bottom of this page is our PTSA Executive Board and Committee Chair list.  Please contact us - we would love to hear from you.  Go Panthers!


Join and Donate Now!  

Click here to join and donate! 

You may join our PTSA by clicking on the above link.  This link takes you to AtoZConnect.  Our annual PTSA dues are $40 per family.  (Note:  If your child is NEW to Pyle in 7th or 8th grade, or if your child is in 6th grade but did NOT come from one of Pyle's five MCPS feeder elementary schools, please create your AtoZConnect account.  After clicking on the above link, click "SignUp Now" at the bottom.  You can find Pyle Middle School by entering "20817" in the "School Zip Code" field.) 

 The PTSA funds a range of programs for Pyle Middle School, including the following:  

  • Each member family receives a printed Directory and access to our online Directory and Directory app!
  • After-school activity busses and crossing guards
  • Shakespeare program in grades 6, 7 and 8
  • Staff appreciation lunches
  • Staff meeting refreshments
  • Landscaping projects
  • Classroom supplies
  • Professional development grants for teachers
  • SkillsTutor program used in math classes in grades 6, 7 and 8
  • 6th grade back-to-school picnic and 8th grade end-of-the year lunch
  • And much, much more with your donation!  

 Pyle PTSA Bylaws   

 Review the Bylaws  

Pyle Phyle 

Pyle's back-to-school newsletter, the Pyle Phyle, is a joint publication of the Pyle Middle School Administration and the Pyle PTSA.

Pyle Phyle - Back-to-School Newsletter for Families 

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Pyle AtoZConnect (previously known as PyleNet) 

Introducing our new listserve: Pyle AtoZConnect!

Pyle AtoZConnect is our new listserve which replaced PyleNet during the summer of 2018. We used PyleNet for 20 years, so it was time for an upgrade!

Pyle AtoZConnect's features:

  • It is an "opt-out" system. Parents do not have to join it. Every email address in the directory is automatically included in the email distribution.
  • All five feeder elementary schools use AtoZConnect for their directories; therefore, AtoZ uploads the 5th grade parents' info into Pyle's 6th grade every summer.
  • Parents can "unsubscribe" on their own at any point by clicking "unsubscribe" at the top of any email.
  • Emails can include photos, attachments, and links. 
  • AtoZConnect has a super App for smartphones!
  • We can now send "grade-specific" emails.
  • Parents can update their own contact info when they log into their accounts at
  • If you are a teacher, administrator, or PTSA/Foundation volunteer, you may post informational emails via AtoZConnect by sending them to "" Please include a descriptive subject line, detailed text (who, what, when, where, why, how) and include your name and email address at the bottom for questions.

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Directory Information Online

AtoZ Directories has rolled out a new and improved version of our online directory software. You can log in to the directory at If you visit it from a mobile device, you can save the link to your home screen for easy access on the go! Also, you can download their app - AtoZConnect!

If your child is new to Pyle in 7th or 8th grade, or if your child is in 6th grade but did NOT come from one of Pyle's five MCPS feeder elementary schools, please create your directory account at . After clicking on "Signup Now," you can find Pyle Middle School by entering "20817" in the "School Zip Code" field.

If your email address has changed since publication of last year's Pyle or feeder elementary school directory, please contact Olivia Awasthi, PTSA Co-VP of Membership, at with “Pyle Directory – new email” in the subject line.

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NAACP Representative

Ron English,

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Pyle Buddy Family Program 

New Family - New to the area?  Get in contact with an existing Pyle family with kids the same age who can provide insights and a helping hand to you and your Pyle children.

Host Family - Want to be a host family?  Provide advice that isn't written down anywhere to another family.  Help newcomers make friends and learn their way around Pyle. 

For more info, please email Sandy Zuylen,

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Visit the  Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations  website.

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PTSA Officers

2019-2020 Executive Board 

1 President Karen Roman
2 Executive Vice President Daphne O'Brien
3 Treasurer Betsy Dodson
4 Recording Secretary Meri-Margaret Deoudes
5 Corresponding Secretary  Meg Press 
6 VP of Volunteers Dana Cruz
7 VP of Volunteers Amy Buckley
8 VP of Membership (recruitment/dues) Kathy Lowy
9 VP of Membership (directory) Olivia Awasthi
10 VP of Programs Dina Yetman 
11 VP of Programs Lidie Greenwald
12 VP of Social Media Katy Greenberg
13 Cluster Rep Susan Eagle
14 Cluster Rep Yeages Cowan
14 MCCPTA Rep Rochelle Fink
15 MCCPTA Rep Sheila Bruch

Click to see a full list of PTSA Committees and Chairpersons contact information