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Pyle Athletic Coordinator - TJ Caswell 
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All forms must be turned in prior to or on the first day of tryouts to either the Athletic Coordinator or to the coach.

  • Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form  (MCPS Form SR-8)
    • The SR-8 Pre-Participation form (completed by a physician) only needs to be turned in once and is kept on file. The form is good for two years from the date signed.
      NOTE: High schools SR-8 forms need to be completed annually.

      A partial list of  Clinics that offer Sports Physicals  within the Montgomery County area is available online.
  • Medical Card for Athletes  (MCPS Form 560-30)  - This form must be submitted for each sport in which the student wishes to participate.
  • Middle School Parent/Guardian Permission Form  - This form is for parents/guardians of middle school students who wish to participate in the middle school interscholastic athletics program. The form should be filled out and returned to the coach before students can participate.

If any of the 3 forms are not completed or the SR-8 form is out of date, no participation within the tryout will be allowed.


Any 7th and 8th grade student who is interested in trying out for any of the teams must meet the following requirements:


  1. Submit a completed Pre-participation Evaluation and Clearance form
  2. Submit Medical Card for Athletes
  3. Submit Parent Permission form
  4. Meet academic standards- must maintain a 2.0 average with no more than one "E" from the previous marking period.

Once on a Team

  1. Must submit a completed Transportation Form MCPS form 560-31  (PDF)
  2.  Attend all classes on practice or game days in order to be eligible to participate
  3.  Attend all practices (3:05-4:20)

*Any parent driving students to or from games must have completed the MCPS Online Training for Volunteers