Career and Technology Education

Telephone:  240-740-2643

Website: Career and Technology Education

Department Resource Teacher

Mr. Amin Salaam

  • AP Comp Sci Principles
  • AP Comp Sci JAVA
  • Comp Programming I
  • Foundations of Computer Science




Mr. James Colihan


  • Foundations of Technology

Mr. Rodney Gamble

  • Financial Planning
  • NAF Principles of Accounting
  • NAF Principles of Finance

Mr. Blaise Kapombe


  • Human Growth & Development Adolescents
  • Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Teaching as a Profession
  • Foundations of Computer Science

Ms. Brenda Lopez


  • NAF Principles of Finance
  • Accounting
  • NAF Entrepreneurship/International Finance

Ms. Melissa Pouridas


  • International Cultures & Cuisines
  • Culinary Essentials