Science Department

Science Resource Teacher: Ms. Lydia Walker - 301-962-1045

Office Phone: 301-962-1044

Vision: To model the way and be recognized as a leader in science education; closing the achievement gap through the use of innovative techniques, quality teaching and high academic achievement of all students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or social and economic status. 

Mission: To connect with students intellectually, inspire scientific creativity and encourage all students to reach their fullest potential.

Staff List

Teaching Assignments

Lydia Walker

(Resource Teacher)
  • Honors Biology
Jarice Banks
  • Honors Biology
  • Honors Chemistry
Elizabeth Boyle
  • Honors Chemistry
Shruti Chugh
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors Astronomy
Dr. Chujor Chujor
  • AP Biology
  • Honors Biology
Henry Eck
  • Honors Biology
Steven Fenchel
  • AP/IB Environmental Science
  • Honors Biology
Gregory Varner
  • IB Biology HL 2
  • IB Sports Exercise and Health
  • Honors Biology
Helena Islam
  • AP/IB Physics HL 1
  • Honors Physics
Dr. Katya Melnick-Martinez
  • Honors Biology
Jeffrey Myers
  • AP/IB Physics HL 2
  • Honors Physics
Grant Tipton
  • Honors Chemistry
Dr. Eva Maria Sorenson
  • Honors Chemistry
Dr. Anne Marie Wissman
  • AP/IB Chemistry
  • Honors Chemistry


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