Special Education

Resource Teacher: Mrs. Charmaine Roberts
Phone: 240-740-2700



Our Special Education Department is committed to the overall performance and achievement of all students with disabilities. We provide access to accommodations, supports, and relate services in order to enhance students' academic achievement as well as their social-emotional well-being. We guide their development in the areas of career readiness and independent living skills through our focus on promoting critical thinking, decision making, self-care, advocacy, organization and executive function skills. 



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Staff List


Teaching Assignments
Daniel Cooper Daniel_J_Cooper@mcpsmd.org
  • LAD - English 10
  • LAD - English 11
Michelle Ford   Michelle_L_Ford@mcpsmd.org
  • English Intervention 
  • LAD English
  • Alt Intervention Resource
Melissa Ganginis Melissa_A_Ganginis@mcpsmd.org
  • Speech & Language Pathologist
Adam Gawlinski Adam_Gawlinski@mcpsmd.org
  • ALO Courses - Health - LFI
  • ALO Science
  • ALO Tech Ed - Computers
Chava Katzoff Chava_S_Katzoff@mcpsmd.org
  • Speech & Language Pathologist
Daniel Legacki   Daniel_Legacki@mcpsmd.org
  • English 9 - LAD
  • Read 180
Anthony Marshall Anthony_A_Marshall@mcpsmd.org
  • ALO English
  • ALO Careers
Joan Natelson Joan_M_Natelson@mcpsmd.org
  • Transition Support Teacher
Judith Nyakondo Judith_V_Nyakondo@mcpsmd.org
  • ALO Self Contained Courses SCB
Cecelia Pasquinucci   Cecelia_E_Pasquinucci@mcpsmd.org
  • Resource Room
  • Math/Science
Lisa Roberts   Lisa_K_Roberts@mcpsmd.org
  • Resource Room
Marsha Ralph Marsha_R_Ralph@mcpsmd.org
  • NSL Government
  • US History
Alka Sharma Alka_Sharma@mcpsmd.org
  • ALO Math - LFI
  • ALO Social Studies
  • ALO Life Skills
Kessem Shem-Tov Kessem_T_Shem-Tov@mcpsmd.org
  • ALO Self Contained Courses SCB
Valentine Tita   Valentine_Tita@mcpsmd.org
  • Algebra 1
  • Physics
  • Chemsitry
Rebecca Ward   Rebecca_C_Ward@mcpsmd.org
  • Geometry
  • Biology
Nasreena Ahmad Nasreena_Ahmad@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Kathy Andrle Katherine_T_Andrle@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Lucie Awoukouassi   Lucie_C_Awoukassi@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Joseph Benitez Joseph_A_Benitez@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Janet Bergman Janet_M_Bergman@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Joseph Bruneel Joseph_A_Bruneel@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Cammie Esch Cammie_Esch@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Jeffrey Jones Jeffrey_A_Jones@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Judith Krall Judith_B_Krall@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Mary Leffel   Mary _L_Leffel @mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Eric Peter Eric_D_Peters@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Aliyah Makle   Aliyah_Makle@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Linda Panossian Linda_M_Pannossian@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Jamie Selvin Schiffman Jamie_SchiffmanSelvin@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Earl Thomas Earl_Thomas@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Elicia Paisley-Wilbon Elicia_Y_Paisley-Wilbon@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support
Whitney Wilson Whitney_P_Wilson@mcpsmd.org
  • Para Educator Support



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