Students will be introduced to an array of skills required for actors to pursue a study in theatre arts. These include physical warm-ups, focus and ensemble exercises, basic improvisation, basic stage movement, an introduction to critiquing skills and an introduction to body awareness. During the second quarter, students will hone previously explored improvisational skills. Also, students will be introduced to Lessac Speech for the Actor and investigate its application to speeches and sonnets from Shakespeare. Within this unit, students will hone rehearsal, blocking, movement, and critiquing skills.

During the first nine weeks of Theatre I, students will further develop acting and critiquing skills through a second, more in-depth scene study project. Auditioning for musical theatre will be taught in preparation for the musical theatre auditions. Finally, students will explore the Lessac Body Energies that correspond to the Lessac Speech for actor unit. Applications of the body energies to art-inspired improvisation will be explored. During the second nine weeks, students will employ skills and knowledge developed in Theatre I to create two performance art pieces during this semester. The first piece is five minutes in length and serves as a introduction to the performance art process. The second piece, 20 minutes in length, is a collaborative project that explores a central theme developed by the students.