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Remote Learning Attendance Information

Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. The Maryland State Department of Education has issued an expectation to school districts that daily attendance will be recorded. A student will be marked present for a class in one of three ways:

  • Student attends a live virtual learning class via Zoom

  • Student completes an Attendance Check-in on myMCPS Classroom during a live or recorded class

  • Student engages in an online discussion thread on myMCPS Classroom during a live or recorded class

All attendance will be recorded in Synergy, the student information system, and will be visible through ParentVUE. In addition, ConnectEd calls and other parent outreach will occur regularly to inform parents if their child has missed school. Parents/guardians must submit a note, or email to the attendance secretary if a student will be absent for a full or partial school day.

In-Person Learning Attendance Information

With students returning to school for instruction, a new attendance code was created for use. If a student that has accepted an in-person school assignment isn’t able to physically come into school to attend on a given day, but does login to Zoom to attend school virtually instead, record the student’s attendance using the new code, VIR (virtual present). Note: student is supposed to be in-person but is present virtually instead. When a student is  marked with the VIR code parents/guardians will receive a ConnectEd messages.


Report the absence in writing- If a student is absent for all or part of a school day, a parent or guardian must report the absence in writing if it is to be excused (it might not be excused, depending on the reason given). It is not necessary to call. The absence note or email must be sent by a parent or guardian to the attendance secretary within three school days after the student returns to school. Otherwise, the absence will be considered unexcused. Please see the attendance template to print off and use for your convenience.. The absence note should include:

  • Student Name
  • ID Number
  • Grade
  • Correct Dates of Absence and/or period(s)
  • Specific Reason for Absence (‘family emergency’ is too vague)
  • Parent/Guardian daytime telephone number
  • Parent/Guardian signature
  • A doctor’s note for absences greater than three days

Have your student make up missed work- Students should communicate with their teachers to obtain missed assignment instructions.

Online Absence

After work is made up by the student, parents/guardians should report the made-up work/class using the Virtual Absences Google form within 72 hours of the absence. Incomplete forms, or forms submitted by anyone other than the parents/guardians are not acceptable. Do not submit this form before the work has been made up. Students may make up missed online work in three ways: by watching a recorded lesson, completing assigned work or participating in a discussion thread.If You Receive A Message That Your Student Was Reported Absent But You Think This is an Error

  1. Ask your student if they missed all or part of a class.
  2. Look in ParentVUE to see what was reported.
  3. Email the teacher(s) about the report.

Early Departure 

Send a note or email to the attendance secretary in advance for all planned early dismissals (e.g. a dentist appointment).  You may use the absence note template for paper notes. Be sure to include:

  • Student Name

  • ID Number

  • Grade

  • Date & time of dismissal, and if the student will be returning to school that same day

  • Whether the student is driving or will be picked up

  • Specific Reason for leaving (‘family emergency’ is too vague)

  • Parent/Guardian daytime telephone number

  • Parent/Guardian signature

College Visits

Juniors and Seniors: If you are planning a college visit, please submit your note to attendance at least three days in advance to be excused. Blake High School permits up to five college visits per current school year. Check with attendance periodically to see how many visits you have remaining.

Extended Absences Needing Prior Approval 

Students requesting an extended absence must bring their note to an administrator for prior approval. 


The Blake student handbook includes more detailed information regarding the MCPS attendance policy and guidelines. Please be sure to review the policy with your student at the beginning of school.


Board Policy 

See Montgomery County Public Schools Regulation, JEA-RA, Student Attendance for more information.


Last Updated: 04/08/21