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Remote Learning Attendance Information

This section will be updated after the 8/25/20 Board of Education Meeting
Daily attendance is crucial to student achievement and required in order to receive credit for courses. Students are required to attend school and to arrive at school and to classes on time. 


If your child is absent on a school day, it is not necessary to call. The student must bring a note from his/her parent/guardian within three school days after returning to school. Otherwise, the absence will be considered unexcused. Please see the attendance template to print off and use for your convenience. You may either send the note attached to an email or send with your child to bring to school. The absent note should include:
  •  Student Name 
  •  ID Number 
  •  Grade 
  •  Dates of Absence 
  •  Reason for Absence 
  •  Parent/Guardian daytime telephone number 
  •  Parent/Guardian signature

Early Departure 

If a student is leaving school early due to a doctor’s appointment, etc., the student must submit a note for early dismissal to the attendance office before his/her first class to receive an early dismissal pass. The student will leave class at the designated time, sign out at the attendance office, and meet parent/guardian outside of school. All absent and early dismissal notes will be verified.

College Visits

Juniors and Seniors: If you are planning a college visit, please submit your note to attendance at least three days in advance to be excused. Blake High School permits up to five college visits per current school year. Check with attendance periodically to see how many visits you have remaining.

Extended Absences Needing Prior Approval

Students requesting an extended absence must bring their note to an administrator for prior approval. 
The Blake student handbook includes more detailed information regarding the MCPS attendance policy and guidelines. Please be sure to review the policy with your student at the beginning of school.

Board Policy 

See Montgomery County Public Schools Regulation, JEA-RA, Student Attendance for more information.


Last Updated: 08/23/20