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Rock Terrace School is located in Rockville, Maryland and serves as part of the Montgomery County School system.



The Middle School program combines the use of adapted common core standards and MCPS Curriculum 2.0 with a high structured approach to social skills development and exposure to vocational experiances and expectations.


Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and special interest classes encourage students to reach for their personal best, integrate into the learning community, and have high expectations of themselves.


The High School program continues to build on the use of the adapted common core standards and MCPS curriculum 2.0, enhanced vocational training opportunities, and continually offers opportunities for students to have interest in the world and faith in their abilities to be part of the world. Students identify their strengths and apply them in instructional, vocational, and personal interest settings. As the High School program guides and supports students, the become more mature and are able to participate in upper school.

Upper School is a 3-year transition program. During this period, students move successfully closer to their potential for an independent home and work life.


Students focus on applying academics to work and community experiences, following four themes: Life, Home, Travel/Community, and Self.