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The transition teachers (TST) will help students and parents with many of the following things:

  • Transition planning and career guidance
  • Identifying student interests and preferences
  • Social skills/self-advocacy instruction in vocational settings
  • In-school and community internships
  • On-the-job training
  • Linkage to community agencies

Students from Rock Terrace have provided invaluable help to many businesses. Their assistance can prevent backlogs from routinely occurring during manpower shortages.

Upper school workers have numerous opportunities to practice money and time management skills in real-life settings. Added responsibilities, such as reporting to work on time and phoning in when sick or late, help foster good job skills.

The success of the Rock Terrace program depends on businesses that these young adults can be productive citizens and valuable contributors to the work force. Providing opportunities to these students arms them with marketable skills and promotes their self-esteem.

Rock Terrace students have proven to be dedicated, hard working, and appreciative of the opportunities they have deserved but not always been afforded. The position that is just a job to a fully abled person becomes the focus of our students' lives. From that comes the loyalty and dedication to task that characterize our students.

Additionally, businesses using our work force do not have to waste man-hours in supervising and training students. We provide the training and on-site supervision.


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