Work Orientation Center 

1WOC, also know as "Office Skills and Procedures" can help you with your business needs processing, such as stapling, folding, and more.

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 The Rock Terrace Work Orientation Center uses business contracts to teach many necessary work behaviors, attitudes, and problem-solving skills. It teaches teamwork and quality control while imposing deadlines and structure to a vast array of mailing services.

Students learn to associate work with compensation and fulfill actual business contracts with a variety of independent clients. Students also learn and practice appropriate world-of-work behaviors, attitudes and problem-solving skills as well as practice functional reading and math skills in a business environment. Students perform many work skills such as:

  • collating
  • folding
  • bundling
  • labeling
  • sealing
  • inserting
  • zip-coding
  • rolling
  • stuffing


Under staff guidence, students perform many tasks in the WOC classroom facility at Rock Terrace School.


Students engage in many in-school instructional work opportunities designed to target skills and attitudes that lead to gainful employment. Whereas some specific occupational skills are learned, the emphasis is on general work behaviors.