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Program Requirements

All students who complete the IB Middle Years Programme will be eligible for a certificate recognizing their achievements.


IB Middle Years Programme Certificate Criteria  



In order to earn a certificate of completion of the IB Middle Years Programme, students must meet the following four criteria:  


Participate in the last two years of the program (grade 9 and 10)  

Students who join the school and program in grade 10 are not eligible to earn a certificate unless they transfer from another MYP school. They are welcome to complete the other requirements below as appropriate.  


Personal Project  

Each student must earn a grade of at least 3 out of 7 on the MYP Personal Project. This project is begun at the end of the 9th grade year and completed in February of the 10th grade year


Service and Action  

Each student must engage in meaningful action and service throughout their time in the program. There are many opportunities available for action and service. For more information, check out the SSL page.  

Successfuly complete six of eight subjects of the program

While Richard Montgomery offers all eight MYP subject groups, and students may choose six subjects that they will pursue concurrently throughout the 9th and 10th grade years. Five subjects, noted by asterisks below, are required. Students must choose a minimum of one additional subject that they have taken in 9th grade and which they will continue to pursue in 10th grade. Successful completion means having earned credit in all the classes as indicated in the table below during the last two years of the program, and achieving mastery of the IB MYP objectives in each subject, as indicated by students' performance levels on the MYP rubrics.  

Please note: these requirements are for the MYP certificate alone and students should be aware that Maryland State Graduation requirements also apply. Many courses fulfill both the requirements of the local diploma and the MYP Certificate. For more information, please see the Counseling section of the website. Please also note that RMHS operates on an eight period day, one period of which is lunch. Students thus have an opportinuty to take classes in MYP subject areas other than the six that they have chosen to pursue concurrently.





Available Courses and Notes  


Language and Literature


English 9 & 10
Language Acquisition*


Spanish, French or Chinese, ESOL (any level) 
Mathematics *


Any level
Sciences *


Biology, Chemistry
Individuals and Societies
(Social Studies) *


US History and Government
Physical and Health Education, Design Technology or Arts


Students choose courses within these subject groups that they will pursue concurrently with other subjects.