Attendance Proceedures

Contact Attendance

Ms. Stephanie Bradley

Phone: 240-740-3601

Excused Absences

Students are to submit a note to the attendance office within three days following the absence (please include a phone number on the note). The attendance secretary will process the note.

Excused Tardies

Upon entering school, students are to sign in at the attendance office window with a note and the attendance secretary will give the student a pass to class. The attendance secretary will process the note. If students are more than twenty minutes late, the teacher will mark the student as absent for that class period.

Unexcused Tardies

During the first twenty minutes of first period, students are to report directly to class without stopping by the attendance office for a pass. Students that arrive to school after the first twenty minutes must sign in with attendance and they will be given an unexcused tardy pass. The teachers will follow theĀ discipline procedures as indicated in the Student Handbook.

Early Departures

Students are to drop off their permission notes by 7:25 AM at the attendance office window. The attendance secretary will prepare the early departure notes.

Extended Absences Needing Prior Approval

Students requesting an extended absence must bring their note to an administrator for prior approval. If approval is granted, the note will be copied to teachers and the attendance office will retain the original copy for the student's file.

The following SEVEN pieces of information must be listed on all student tardy and absence notes:

  1. Student's Full Legal Name
  2. ID Number
  3. Grade
  4. Date(s) of Absence
  5. Reason for Absence
  6. Parent/Guardian's Work and Home Telephone Number
  7. Parent/Guardian's Signature, or Student's Signature if Age of Majority is on file.