Project Success

Program Information
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  • Students stay with the same teacher for science, social studies, and literacy instruction. Each student has two fewer class transitions daily. Students and parents develop strong personal relationships with their teacher. Students learn in an interdisciplinary environment where connections are made across content. Students will spend half of their instructional time (four periods out of seven) with the same teacher. Students are in the math class most appropriate to their level, physical education/ health and two electives for the other four periods in their seven  period schedule.
  • Project SUCCESS is CURRICULUM: Project SUCCESS teachers use overarching understandings as a framework to unify the four different academic disciplines. Students regularly engage in intensive reading and writing to improve their comprehension and foster creativity.
  • Project SUCCESS is INSTRUCTION: Project SUCCESS teachers have the autonomy to take instructional risks. They are able to provide personalized instruction as a result of thoroughly understanding their students? learning needs.
  • Project SUCCESS is COMMUNITY: Project SUCCESS teachers explicitly focus on the social dimensions of teaching and learning.  instruction fosters mutually supportive classroom environments with academic choice, self-reflection, and cooperative learning.