About White Oak Middle School

WOMS thumbnailWhite Oak Middle School is a diverse school with students representing many races and religions coming together to learn. Diversity is our strength.

Our mascot is the Wildcat. Our colors are blue and white.


History of the School

White Oak opened in 1962 as a junior high school. White Oak was changed into an intermediate school with grades seven and eight in 1984, and then became a middle school when the sixth grade was added in 1990. Our school colors were brown and gold, rather that the blue and white colors that we have today.

White Oak has had eight principals: Hilleary C. Rockwell (1962-1976), Frederick R. Cialli (1976-1977), Dr. John R. Schneider (1977-1990), Dr. Steven G. Seleznow (1990-1992), Durinda Yates (1992-1997), Jeanette E. Dixon (August 1997-2001) and Dr. Carol McVeigh Dahlberg (2001-2007). Ms. Virginia de los Santos is our current principal.

About the Northeast Consortium Cluster

White Oak is one of five middle schools that are a part of the Northeast Consortium. The Northeast Consortium began as a response to student assignment issues. As a result, the three high schools were affiliated into a consortium to serve the attendance and educational interests of all the students populating the northeast area.

How the Consortium Works

A departure from the traditional student assignment practice, student attendance at the three high schools is not restricted by an inflexible boundary. Instead, students and their parents participate in a practice known as "preferred choice" in which each 8th grade student ranks his/her order of preference for a high school from among the three choices. Each of the schools offers an outstanding comprehensive high school program for every student as well as a distinctive "Signature Program". The signature program is a common theme that runs throughout the entire school curriculum, such as technology, sciences, or the arts.  For more information about the Northeast Consortium vist their website at https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/nec/