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Scott Blume - Tech Ed

Meghan Styles - Design & Computer Applications 

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 Tech 19-20

Tech Ed Courses

6th grade - Technology and Design (Robotic System Theme)

  • 9 weeks (One Quarter, Part of Arts Elective Rotation)
  • In Living with Technology, students investigate ways that technology affects the quality of life in our environment. Students work in individually and in pairs to react, design, and develop creative solutions to problems using fluid, electrical, and mechanical technologies. Activities are hands-on and challenge students to use a variety of technology resources to study the human world around them.
  • Understanding of these technologies will be used to explore the history and basic designs used in robotics. Student will compete in a mechanical arm competition using student designed models of an industrial robot arm.

7th grade -Living with Technology (Engineering and Programming Theme)

  • 9 weeks (One Quarter, Part of Arts Elective Rotation)
  • This elective course focuses on the importance of design in civil engineering and in computer programming. Students will apply an understanding of structure starting from atoms and nanotechnology continuing to increasingly challenging bridge construction competitions. Later the course will use the process of design to practice computer programming. Students will use those skills to program the Finch robotic system.

8th grade - Earth and Space Technology (Aerospace theme)

  • 18 weeks (One Semester)
  • This elective allows students to design, build, and test their devices. Students will use their Science and Math ability, skills (hand-eye coordination, creativity, and safety), and tools (hand tools and bench top power tools) to solve problems and extend human capabilities. This work will be accomplished while incorporating National Standards for Technology Education, as well as, conforming to the goals of The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP).
  • Topics will include: Space exploration, Space mission design, Newton’s Laws, Forces, Buoyancy and Density, History of Flight and Aviation, Hot Air Balloons, Kites, Gliders, Hovercraft, Airplanes, and Basic Principles of Rocketry.