Mrs. Davis, Music

     Mrs. Stultz, Art

     Mrs. Svejda, PE

     Mrs. Vincent, Media

Mr. Stultz, Instrumental Music

Newsletters 2021-2022


Mission Statements


To develop students’ love of the arts and creative expression. To develop the ability to solve problems creatively. To express oneself with confidence. To appreciate art from all cultures. To learn about the masters of art through a study of art history.


My mission is to instill a love of the diverse world of music in all Ritchie Park Elementary students, developing a community of musicians who are creatively expressive, musically literate, and technically proficient.

Physical Education

Find your groove, love to move, be a mover for life!

Library Media 

To empower all students to be critical thinkers, effective and ethical digital citizens, and lifelong readers and learners. The library media program supports and encourages all learners to be productive, happy, and well-rounded individuals and citizens of our world.